Monster Mash - A Tool for Casual 3D Modeling and Animation


We have created a new 3D modeling & animation tool called Monster Mash that can work entirely in an intuitive 2D domain, enabling a playful, casual experience. You can try it on your own at We would be excited to hear what you think about it in this forum!



Hey, discovered this an hour ago. Finished my first textured walk cycle mouse now. :smiley:
I want more control :smiley: This is the most fun stuff with great potential I’ve seen in a while. Congratulations!!


Thank you knacki for your feedback! What type of additional control would be valuable for you?


Hi Mr Sykora. I just ask you two things. When will it be possible to download your software fort Windows ? And will it be possible to export a sequence of obj. Because i am using blender 3d and an addon named stop motion obj for that purpose.
Thanks a lot for this amazing workflow…


Thank you for your interest, DanTAB! Yes, we plan to release the downloadable version of Monster Mash soon, and the export of animation sequences is on our TODO list. Please, stay tuned!


Thanks ! That’s so nice ! Can’t wait !


Just seen this on 2 minute papers. I think you have the YouTube army incoming. Absolutely amazing piece of work.


Hi! I’ve compiled and ran the open-source code provided but unfortunately, it doesn’t work like showcased in the video.

When I run the ‘monstermash’ executable it comes up with: “Failed to load texture” no matter where the executable and the ‘data’ folders are.

Regardless, the window created has no GUI, and after finding the shortcuts in the code, I’ve managed to get it started. The script only runs on one CPU, being incredibly slow. Having no texture either, made it impossible to use at all.

Any chance you can help me fix those issues, please?


Its probably best to post an issue on the github repository, so other developers can pitch in and discussing the problem.


Hey! I love this tool! It’s really powerful but most importantly, really fun! Congratulations :slight_smile:

If I may give you some feedback, personally I would love to edit the paths after making them, just to fine tune the animation. If you could edit the spacing/timing in the path as well as the trajectory it would be great.

I also did a quick render test in Blender and I think it turned out okay, is there any work around to exporting an OBJ sequence? or would you have to do it manually? aah I have so many questions and ideas! Anyways, awesome work!!!


Wow! That looks like it was fun!

There is an issue on exporting a sequence on Github which is main focused on external image sequence, but will add a comment about exporting animation from MM.


Hi. Thank you for making this great software! It was a wonderful idea. I’m having a lot of fun with it, and I would use it regularly if you added the ability to move your object on the z axis. Only being able to pose your character on the x and y axis is severely limiting. Because all objects in the real world can move along the z axis as well as the x and y axis it really is a necessary feature for making animations with your software. As it stands now I can’t get my character to spread his arms or have my bird spread his wings to fly. I also can’t pose my character without the z axis well enough to create realistic looking actions. I love the functionality though and that is the only feature I’d need you to add before I could use this software regularly.
Also, if you could move along the z-axis that would remedy the problem with the two symmetrical sides of your object sticking together so often, because you could move the two legs apart if they were stuck together for instance. I tried exporting the bird I created and rigging it the old fashioned way with bones in order to animate the wings spread apart on the z axis and make an animation of him flying but when I was done rigging him I discovered the mesh of my bird’s wings were stuck together, and I had to export him all over again in a different pose that was quite odd to prevent his parts from being stuck together where I’d originally had them positioned symmetrically. Giving me the ability to move my character on the z-axis would fix every problem I’ve encountered, however, and infinitely increase my ability to use the tool you’ve created. I really hope you can add that feature. I would be very appreciative and tell everyone about your program! Thanks for considering my feedback. Cheers!


Really nice result! It would be great to have more editing options than what is currently available and we hope that such features will be added with the help of community.


The animation export will be available soon! We will use the glTF file format which is capable of storing both the textured model and its animation. The restriction to x, y axis is unfortunately the current limitation of our method which we hope will be resolved in the future.


This is so cool! wow, I love it, but I’d preferer a Disney Frozen’s texture instead of the balloon texture. Wil I be able to export this to blender ? So I change the characters texture and make them talk. :slight_smile:

Would like to make a short film with this, I just discovered blender but sculpturing is so difficult. Is it just like blender or are there any copyrights added, I want to use it to make a short animation I would publish on youtube.

Am I allowed to publish a film i make using monster mash ?

Kind regards


The animation export is already available! You can change the texture either in the MM web-based tool or directly in Blender. You can also make a short film and publish it on YouTube. The only limitation is that the web-based interface is using one third party library which does not allow commercial use. We plan to replace this sensitive part it in future to enable commercial use.


Thanks for your quick reply.

You said that the web-based interface does not allow commercial use, is there another interface then ? I mean is there a computer version you can download just incase YouTube makes any problem with me publishing a film using monster mash.


Currently, there is no other implementation which does not contain that sensitive library, however, posting a short film created using MM on YouTube is absolutely OK.


Ok, thank you :slight_smile:


Hi again. Thank you for adding the animation export option to the web-based tool. It works great!
I greatly admire all your hard work on this project and really appreciate you considering our feedback. It’s really exciting to hear that you have so many solutions planned for the future! I look forward to following your progress and testing out each new iteration as they become available. Please keep pushing forward. I really love your product! Congratulations on achieving these first steps on such an amazing piece of software.