Monster Mash - A Tool for Casual 3D Modeling and Animation


We have created a new 3D modeling & animation tool called Monster Mash that can work entirely in an intuitive 2D domain, enabling a playful, casual experience. You can try it on your own at We would be excited to hear what you think about it in this forum!



Hey, discovered this an hour ago. Finished my first textured walk cycle mouse now. :smiley:
I want more control :smiley: This is the most fun stuff with great potential I’ve seen in a while. Congratulations!!


Thank you knacki for your feedback! What type of additional control would be valuable for you?


Hi Mr Sykora. I just ask you two things. When will it be possible to download your software fort Windows ? And will it be possible to export a sequence of obj. Because i am using blender 3d and an addon named stop motion obj for that purpose.
Thanks a lot for this amazing workflow…


Thank you for your interest, DanTAB! Yes, we plan to release the downloadable version of Monster Mash soon, and the export of animation sequences is on our TODO list. Please, stay tuned!


Thanks ! That’s so nice ! Can’t wait !