Monster, Direndra (3D)


Title: Monster
Name: Direndra
Country: India
Software: 3d Max ‘n’ Photoshop

hi everyone…"
here is my last work…!!!"
I hope you like this…"
C&C welcome :smiley:

>> Hi resolution image <<


Cool little creature m8. I like the textures. Are you going to animate him, would be fun.


that’s cool man…for a game or something???saw that’s realy lowpoly

looks like a drawing…Ibet you’re makeing texture for games!!!:)))))))))))))know the style

Me too…cheers


good work diren…
nice concept/character…but u forgot to mention Polycount and also which or what kind of game is this for??
I liked the rotten feeling to the textures and yeah…wud love to see him animated and yes also his bulge underneath chin will look good with some animation…
Also it wud be good if we can see his UV layout and texture maps…

keep it up :thumbsup:


great texture work! looks doom3 inspired a little.


that is awesome direndra! keep up the great work :smiley:


… in a very positive way :applause:
nice concept and great use of polys.



hi guys thanx for comments
i am not good in max ;)… i just want to texture :D!!!"
so guys it is not for any game
i have attached texture and uvw file
and it’s polycount is 2932


Nice textures yarrrr!!!
Keep it up! U have really grown buddy :slight_smile:


That’s a nasty mother****er! Awesome texturing, as always, coming from you. And, hey, u should give 3d modeling a real thought! Of course your first love is texturing. But, as u r (were) new to 3d modeling, that’s a neat grasp u got there!
(Just saw this today, as I joined the forum a little late!)

Eager to see more coming from you!


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