monster character


hi this is second time to post my image.
used 3d max 5 , deep paint3d, photoshop
2880 faces, two 512 map, and one 256 map used.

hope you like it, C&C welcome.


Very cool, he reminds me of the Guyver somehow. I don’t have any specific critics, except that on the modelling side you could try to exagarate a bit more. Make the forms really stand out, bigger chest muscles, bigger biceps, make the feet a bit wider at the end, etc. The elbows and underarms could use a bit more polies, they look a bit undefined compared to the rest.
A nice way to see if your model has a good silouette is to put a 100% illuminated (or black) material on your mesh. That way you only see the outline of your mesh, so it’s easy to judge if it is ‘strong’ enough or not.

The texture is really great!


awesome dude, i really like it!


Excellent :thumbsup:

Make the chest area bigger.


Reminds me more of CELL from Dragonball Z, Cool stuff tho!


thank all of your post,
well, this model is for realtime on line game, so i reduced some polygons.
and i agree with that you guyz pointed out. i’ll try make better image next time
good day yall…


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