Monster Character Critique Please



I’ve been working on a new Monster character that I’d like to get some feedback on. I’m basically looking to see if anyone can spot deficiencies/mistakes in my model.

Here is the main still image:

Here are the various camera shots and wireframe images to show the breakdown:

and the zbrush model:

and the texture maps:

Software used included 3DS Max, ZBrush, Mudbox and Photoshop for final composites. The inspiration for this model was from one of the monster characters from Darksiders 2. The head I modeled after this concept art:

Any critiques would be appreciated, especially things that I can improve. Thanks in advance!


Amazing texturing and modeling, but the lighting is quite harsh, makes it hard to enjoy the glow feature in his mouth. That may also add some realism to the skin texture.


Hi styxtryx

Yeah I’ve been told the background doesn’t fit well with the character. I have been modifying it recently as well as giving the skin a more oily sheen and reducing the glare of the lights. Also gave the character evil eyes :slight_smile: . Hopefully this change makes it more tolerable:

Trying to adjust the mouth at the moment. The teeth don’t really seem to fit well. Thanks again for the info.


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