Monster 3d PCs On Horizon


The best bet may be to keep the powder dry til next year when Nvidia will release 7nm GPU. There will certainly also be a bump in CUDA core and RT chips. The Ampere family 3080 TI should be one hell of a card.

Of course that release time could drag out so there is risk in waiting…

Meanwhile there are rumors AMD could launch a 64 core/128 thread Threadripper in Q4. :yum:

I’d likely look at the 32 core version of that chip. If that product isn’t 7nm I will likely go for faster clock speed, save money and opt for the 16 core 3950x


Was looking at benchmarks for the new Ryzen3900x. This product is a 12-Core 3.8 GHz (4.6 GHz Max Boost). Price: $499.

Cinebench R15 score for this little guy is 3104. That’s with the 3950x still a few months away and Threadripper coming later this year. The 3950x will have approx 25% more performance…over 4000 cinebench.

For comparison my current 8 core/16 thread PC lands around 1250 CB score. My 2009 dual Intel was around 1000.

Current: 1250 CB
3950x: >4000 CB