Mononofu, Nicholas Tey (2D)


Title: Mononofu
Name: Nicholas Tey
Country: Singapore
Software: Photoshop

This illustration is entitled “Mononofu” which means warrior in ancient term in Japanese. I’m trying to recreate a female Samurai warrior as Samurais are often male. This piece is totally painted in photoshop. Here I did extra touches with the splashes onto the plain background to give a stronger sense of feel to the character. Comments and critiques are most welcome. Thank you.


Hello there Nicholas, i’m singaporean too. Glad to see ur awesome work. Liked the way u let loose on some parts and detailed on the right parts. i think the background texture, splash blood, shadow is good touches as well. I dont have much critques except the two feet seems to tiptoe so it feels abit weird on the lowerbody to me, and i dont know where her hair go (hiding behind armor?) thats all, good job man. How much time did u spend on this? :thumbsup: +4~


Hi there eonridr, many thanks for the constructive comments! I’ll try to take care of the points you’ve mentioned. Sometimes you just kinda miss those important details :slight_smile: . By the way, I’ve spent a few days from scratch for this one. Speed is always an issue but I’ll try to work harder. Anyway, thanks again, it really helps! cheers! :slight_smile:


nice work!

I loved how u give the detail on her armor
it’s so detail and sharp

and also nice coloring, and beautiful face


Hi aLDoDarK, thank you and glad that you enjoyed it :slight_smile:


Hi guys, here are some of the details, cheers :slight_smile:


awesome work, great concept.
simpy as that :slight_smile:


Thank you blz! glad that you’ve enjoyed it :slight_smile:


hi nic, long time no see
you always talented at drawing these hot girl character since i know you!! :slight_smile:
She is really a cute girl, the army design is very nice… it show the taste of ancient japan. congrats!


Hey there! How’s things goin’ Thank you for your support and I’m glad that you like it too :slight_smile:


hey Nick,its good to see your post here,love the armor design and the color schemes are pretty well choosed too.hows life in SG?keep posting your works mate,i’ll be anticipating for more of yours:buttrock:


Hey there Michael! I’m glad to see you here. Thanks man. All I can say is I definately needs practising. Life in SG is fine! Will keep it up and thanks for your support :slight_smile:


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