Monkey Takes A Trip, Matthew Baldwin (3D)


really cool and freshhhh

do you have a full full size link of it ?

:thumbsup: :applause:


very nice!!
the color is so beautiful!


Thanks for all the comments.

Fellah: Thanks for the compliment. I don’t have a website up yet, but it’s in the works.

3d Explorer and the crop gang:
I hear ya. Even my wife says I could trim a bit off the left, but, for now, I’m still in the leave-it-alone camp for the reasons I mentioned before. mulling though.

Joel3d: Yeah, I really got into the heavily detailed art when I was a kid. I love working in this style, but love of detail inflicts extra time on projects like these. Right now I’m coming up for air and will probably do something lose and sketchy to recharge.



*cuty and lovely work:bounce:


It is always nice to see something that gets me in a good mood. Your piece does that. Five from me.


lovely work and beautiful colors!


great colors beside greater concept .
Very good :slight_smile:




That is great. You know, package it up and get a story behind you then approach the cartoon channels. You have something that is truely unique in look and feel. I thing it would be an easy sell.

Excellent work!


Excellent composition! I really love the color scheme and overall feel of this image. I’m really impressed with your work and would love to see more imagery along these lines.

Keep up the good work!


Wonderfully childlike and fantastical.
Well done!


it 's so original, composition , colors, great job and front page:bounce:


This is fantastic! It brought back memories of my own childhood. The modeling and texturing is simple yet successful (I am sure that you would argue that it wasn’t simple, but you know what I mean). The piece would make a wonderful two page spread in a childrens book. I particularly enjoy all the fine details that complete this image. I would not crop it, especially after reading your explanation for the extra space on the left. I would like to see more like this from you. Thank you for sharing it with us, and thanks for the memories.


Awesome, I love this.

Yeah I have my FP train still that managed to last 6 of us, and I also have the plastic one that has the whistle blow noise, my 14 month old son loves them both. :slight_smile:
Don’t make toys like that anymore.


Fantastic work! Great animal designs and mapping. I love the airy cropping - it looks like a triptych where each section would be on a different page of a book (with a third fold-out page) and the “open” areas would be in the folds.

I agree with you about the open space along the left edge. I like the “open to possibility” feeling it creates. What would help is to have a bright, chromatic light source off-screen that edge-lights the train and suggests more is going on over there. Right now it’s a little bland, but you have the right idea.

I have to know, what’s the significance of the crown?


Wow, super nice work. Really fun image to zoom around in. Having a great story really adds a lot. You nailed it.


Thanks again for all the comments.

About the crown: I hope it’s abiguous enough so that it works different ways for different people. For me, I thought it had nice formal similarities to the artichoke plant shapes that populate the ground. Also the hill on the right is one big crown.

Symbolically, I guess(trying not to be too forceful here) the monkey is leaving his innocent, open, beautiful child-world for the chance for a journey. I think the crown represents the hope for a special life. It lies just to the other side of the threshold in a newly-opened crate. Also, the movie equipment installed up and around the train hardware is meant to heighten the feeling of a unique story being told, as well as provide a post-modern wrapper to the scene, as if filtered through media.

Lastly, if this is just a movie, than what are the animals and plants? Props? or real live things? I kind of like the models in my illustrations to hover between these two possibilities. neither one or quite the other. It sort of sets up a vibration for me.



Conglaturations! Very nice work, It´s lovely


Fantastic image Matthew! Very fresh clean style and atmosphere. I love everything about it. All the tiny details and characters are great. Glad you posted all the details. I agree with plastik892 (first post) you should really look into illustrating for childrens books. I can see loads of potential… as well as loads of product spinoffs (little figures, puffy stickers, apparel, etc.).

Inspiring work.



[left]Simply S P E C T A C U L A R !!! :buttrock:
Amazig detail… I need a magnifier… :eek: