Monkey Takes A Trip, Matthew Baldwin (3D)


Title: Monkey Takes A Trip
Name: Matthew Baldwin
Country: USA
Software: Photoshop

I started this one as a project for my kids. but in the end the piece has as much to do with my childhood as anything else.

We had an old Fisher-Price toy train, the HuffyPuffy 999, that made it’s way through four older brothers to me and my twin brother. Those old wooden toys could take a lot of lovin’ abuse!

We also had a pet monkey. Jimmy stuck around for a few years before excaping into an excruciatingly beautiful spring day, never to be seen by us again–though the Wibel’s discovered it hiding out in their barn later that summer. Unable to coaxed into their farmhouse, he ran off into the fields.

Minnesota is a long way from South America, and I don’t give good odds to a Squirrel Monkey making it through midwestern winters. Though growing up, I half-hoped to discover some tiny log cabin in the woods. Real tiny. monkey sized.

Jimmy, wherever you are, God bless.

I’m a sucker for long, landscape formats. So the preview might be a little small. I’ve included a few close ups to pad out this post! The left side of the composition is fairly empty. I wanted to convey a sense of open possibilities. I’d love to get feedback, so have at it.

right side:



>> Hi resolution image <<


Really nice. Wonderful atmosphere and characters. Especially like the far right side with the various animals and all. Nice story as well. :slight_smile:

Im big on wide formats too but i think this image could be tighter (if simply by cutting off the dead space). Also, the dark middle-ground of the truss cuts the image in half.

If you not doing childrens books or some other medium of that nature, Id get into it :beer:


Great Image, but i think for better balance it should be cropped a fair bit tighter on the left hand side. Good job none the less.


super duper characters! what software did you use? you say photoshop,but it’s surely 3d…! I agree with the others that you could have cropped it tighter and also brought the characters inward a bit, to maximize the visual impact. brilliant work nonetheless. the character design is really original.


WoW! This is fantastic, great style, idea is very sweet, Congratz 5stars for me :smiley:


so fantastic color~!
U R good colorlist!!


Very nice, you must have some happy kids, getting custom illustrations and stuff. :slight_smile: Great designs and use of colour.


Thanks, all!

Yeah, I used Lightwave for the 3d in this piece. For some reason my post omitted that.

I understand the comment about the crop on the left–but I was intentionally leaving it open and unfinished, with the truss/metal work being a threshold that the train is passing through. a symbolic threshold(deep, i know!). The trusswork acts as an internal crop to the image, with the train moving through to the outside. It’s almost as if the camera has slipped to the left, leaving a tight crop of the jungle animals on the right, and an open vista on the left.

I was also trying to contrast the plants/hill on the far right with the metal threshold. Both mimicking eachother as far as shapes, one being naive, optimistic, childlike–the other manmade, scratchy-hard, grown up.

I appreciate your comments, though. I’ll have to think some more if my intentions are too high-falutin’.

Finally, this is a big render. Almost 9000 pixels and 40 inches across. At this scale, you can make out little details. can you spot:

thanks again!



Very nice looking work, nice colors! :arteest:


5 stars.!! excellent charactristic!


hehe funny : )
models and details are perfect really !
great work


waw, that’s the most inspiring thing i’ve seen here in a long time…! do you have a place where we can see more of your work?


Very nice! great characters! Very nice render!



ok now animate it :smiley:

kidding :slight_smile: very cute !!!


When I was young I used to love looking at pictures with lots of details. I love the style and color. You should publish a short story, or even just a picture book.

5 Stars!

Oh and, God bless Jimmy.


Lovely piece, I really liked the colorful scene. I wish I could do somthing that nice for my future kids. :thumbsup:


Oh I think it’s awesome and looks like Thomas the Tank Engine has gone to the jungle :wink: LOve it…


very lovely :slight_smile:


Exceptional! Crop the left hand side as stated earlier. Looks like dead space to me too.