Monkey On Your Back, Pär Tingström (3D)


That is so sweeeeeeeeeeet!


amazing work cooool~

very alluring of robot


Excellent Work
Good luck U Have my Vote,5 Star…:applause:


Everything just works wonderfully together… admirable! Take these litle 5 stars from me :slight_smile:


I knew you would get the award.You deserved it.
Your work was excellent.
Good luck in Challenge…:thumbsup:



Another one from the challenge made into here!

Congratulations on your new :bounce: :bounce:   [img][/img] :bounce::bounce:   & Congratulations for your Masterpiece!! 

realy breathtaking!! Great work dude

Whish you the best, Alex


Great work. It reminds me a parte in Aliens resurrection when 3 aliens are in a small room just like that.


great work :slight_smile:


ohh , I really like it . the character, the light and shadow.
thank u for your work.


It is a profound title to mean.
Experimental facilit of something.
Two confined cyborgs(android?).
They are two women in the glass who watch it.
I like mood with this tension.
Is this cyborg repaired and turned on to the next strategy? Your technique is excellent to make such a story had a presentiment.


Tjohoo!! This totally made my day, so unexpected and good news. Thanks again fore the kind words everyone and thanks to the CGTalk crew.


Yes, I wonder what it feels like…(sorry, off-topic)




Incredible work mate! I’m trying to get my head around the workflow used to acheive that style of 3D work - could you provide a breakdown of what parts of the process the various software was used for? Kudos again, and best of luck in the M&S Challenge!


Yop!!!..:bounce: Good Job!!! Very good idea!!!.. :thumbsup:


bravo jolie image :wink:


reminds me of the movie aliens?


very nice job, i love everything about it


WOW!! great composition! it’s INCREDIBLE!



wow…its a masterpiece