Monkey On Your Back, Pär Tingström (3D)


Title: Monkey On Your Back
Name: Pär Tingström
Country: Sweden
Software: Maya

This is my contribution for the Master and Servant challenge.
The image is made in Maya and rendered with mental ray. I also used Z-Brush and Photoshop.


hey buddy the image turned out really good… everything looks pretty solid… love those butts of the bots…and very well done with the masters… keep up the good works mate and hope to see more great works from u :thumbsup:


Amazing work!!! :thumbsup:


hey!! great! i really love ur work & idea! every thing looks solid & impressive, i can see deep painfull from the robot!!


great great great pic very realistic good work


Impressive and…epical.


great work dude. and good luck in the comp :thumbsup:


i really like it dude, nice models (can u show me wire plz) :slight_smile: i like overal lighting, it has nice atmosphere, 5 stars


absolute class - the lighting, modeling and texturing is excellent. great stuff. :twisted:


like i said before, stuning work, love it. see you and :thumbsup: :thumbsup: :thumbsup:


Amazing work!!!:bounce: :bounce:


Great work! I like a lot!


Damn that robotic parts look so nice! Good atmosphere!

Great work


Omg this is awesome:bounce: :bounce:


superb job-gruesome yet funny, too. really well executed in every way .5 stars from me.



amazing work!
congrats :thumbsup:


Could I have a high res version of this one? (let´s say 1280*1024) I want a wallpaper on this one! please!

EDIT: In a closer look some pieces reminded me a lot to the t101 cyborg (the terminator one).
you got 5 stars from me dude.


Thx everyone.

On request, a Wireshot (some details are missing)

and highres


Hey!! You are a Turbonegro fan!! and your work is amazing!!! Get it on with your stuff!!


Love it! It reminds me of the Video Game “DOOM”. Very sweet textures and rendering.

/ :applause: