Monkey King


This character is part of my school demo reel. I did this character four months ago. It didn’t look good at all. Last week, I fixed everything to make it looks acceptable. There’re still many things I need to fix, like the hair , the armors, the eyes and Please, I need reply to make improvement. Thanks


Wow! I love that skin texture! The hair is also really great. I’m not as keen on the body. There’s too much gold. The armour design is good for the most part although I don’t like the feet. They see a bit rushed.

Lets see some monkey feet! :slight_smile:

I also think the pose could be more dynamic.

Good stuff dude!


great quality of work… the kind I would want to see in my work, but sadly (lol :sad:) i dont even think I can obtain such quality; the head by itself looks much more pro than the full body; is there a specular map on that armor? there should be a background, I dunno… present the head not the full body :slight_smile:

what software and what method did u use for the hair?


Good Job Steven!

Was about time to post this guy here, please post the silver armor version as well :thumbsup:.
And where is the Budha Steven? You should post it soon not too much tme for feedback and tweaks. Your work is great, I feel a lack of metalness throughout the armour that’s what is bothering me right now, getting stronger specular hits and a nice refection map would bring his armour to the next level Steven! But hands down you are an awesome modeler with superior texturing skills.

Please keep it up!


Thanks for point out all the problems. I will change the armor to silver and I don’t like my design too, because I am not a good designer. There is a specular map on the armor and the body. For the background, I am still working on it, it take some time. I am learning XSI softimage , so I just use the default XSI hair, but it take very long time to render.

thank you for the reply!


WOW! That’s one of the best skin textures I have ever seen. Great job on the head and the hair looks good if a little soft looking. Perhaps it should sit flatter and be somewhat greasy?

I’m not a fan of gold so I look forward to the silver version. You might want to take a look at some early human armor? Back when platemail and chainmail comprised most of the protective covering (as opposed to what is typically think thought of a “suit of armor”).


this is great work as i have come to expect from u. i dont really like the gold and orange colours on the armour…but i know ur working on that.


COOL !!!
i hope i can see your demo!!!


Firstly, this is really really looking good. The head imho really rocks. nice work with the expression too. Im not a fan of the armour’s colour though, if you want it gold, it’ll be nice to play with other colours and sorta integrate them into this colour scheme as well. you could try complimenting gold with silver, turquoise, red, just to name a few. play around with the colours m8!


wow… great work, i wait for your demo too…


I just change the armor to silver, it feels different. Now, I am fixing the hair and the eyeball. I have to work fast and work hard. Because I only have two more weeks to do my demo, and everyone in my class will put their demo on CGtalk.


I expected king kong or something, but this is really unique.

If I were a CG company, I’d hire you man. Keep up the good work


thats great stuff man , i really like this new silver version alot more , althought i would maybe change the pose on this guy a little more , but it looks very good , i also went to your other threads your set modeling/tex/lightin looks amazing , i really liked it , you gonna put your characters in there for rotations or just show it off on its own…could you post a wire of this,
i see you are using xsi hair , very hard to tame hehe , full dynamics? or did you just style it and leave it alone ? anyways i like the hair very much , i still have yet to achieve good results with it so for my demo i might go with the traditional way of doing hair (grid/texs) ill keep an eye out for your demo , gl



Exellent character.
Nice hair!!!



Sweet Job Steven!

I like the colors much better now, :bounce: but…
:scream: No eyeballs yet!!! :scream:
Get those in and your character will have life. Bow down to the model its very good, design and execution!


The usual stuff i see from you to make me green with envy! Awesome, i too like the silver/steel armor type much better.

Is the tail supposed to be skin? It kind of looks like it right now, as it seems quite bright and with more specular quality than the legs for instance. Just curious. Wish i could do that…


Thanks for all reply. I just added the eyeballs to give him some life and I have fixed the color on the tail, thanks chris. Now, I only have a week more to finish off everythings and I wish I could get a jod too.


awesome work with the face texture !


Good Job Steven! Monkey king is coming to life!

Your reel is coming along very well, strong and solid modelling and texturing skills.


Thank you everyone!

I finally finish my demoreel and post it on the Finished Work. Please, just go to the demo reel WIP. Check out my hard work and give some critiques. Thanks!