Monitors: 'strategic' advice.


Monitors: ‘strategic’ advice.
I hope it’s OK to post this here, I looked and couldn’t see a specific hardware forum.

I would like some advice on monitors, but this isn’t a basic “which is the best monitor” question, it has more of a workflow ‘strategy’ angle to it. Let me explain…

I have just ordered a workstation but have not yet ordered a monitor. I intend to use the system for making short animated films in both 2D and 3D, so that means modelling, animating, but also a lot of video editing.

At first I was thinking about splashing out and buying a really pro monitor with really good colour calibration so that I can do colour grading work at the end of the main part of making the short films. Then I see that decent calibrated monitors start in the thousands ££$$$, and may not even have a fast enough refresh rate to preview animations with smoothness, as their focus is colour not speed.

I might be naïve here, but I thought to myself that as vast majority of hours spent making short animated films would be on animation, modelling, rough previews and the very much smaller amount of time would be on colour grading of final video edit, I’d be better off buying a faster monitor without such great quality colour, and for colour grading at the end perhaps hiring a calibrated one or paying someone to do it for me – probably a lot cheaper it would cost to buy one (even in the long term, because if I bought one it would be superseded/depreciated at a faster rate than I make the animations!). Having a monitor that focusses on speed rather than colour would be a lot cheaper too!

So my questions are:

  • Does my reasoning make sense or am I being naïve? Somebody with greater experience of making such films might disagree about the efficiency of my plan!

  • If it does make sense, any pointers to a decent monitor for the needs described above (refresh rate top priority, colour quality not so important)?

Of course, I wouldn’t mind if any suggestions had half decent colour too.

Oh, and it would need to be 1080p so I can at least view things in native HD resolutions to judge if text is readable etc.

Thanks in advance!


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