Monitor help for video/post production Boxx workstation


I recently purchased a new Boxx workstation with the following specs:

Model Specifications
AMD Dual Core Opteron Processors
NVIDIA Nforce Professional 2200
NVIDIA Nforce Professional 2050
AMD 8131 PCI−X Tunnel
Dual Channel DDR−400 Reg ECC
. . (8 DIMMS) up to 16GB
(4) Serial ATA 3Gb/s ports
. . (RAID 0, 1, or 0+1)
(1) Parallel ATA IDE interface
. . (2 devices)
(2) Nvidia MAC Gigabit Ethernet ports
Enhanced AC’97 Audio
. . Front panel mic + audio out
(6) USB 2.0 ports:
. . (2) Front, (4) Rear
(2) IEEE 1394a Ports:
. . (1) Front, (1) Rear
(1) Serial port
Floppy drive
600W Power Supply
4U: 7"w x 17"h x 18"d
Expansion options:
(6) 3.5" hard drive bays
(2) 5.25" drive bays
Optional Dual Channel U320 SCSI
(2) PCI Express x16 (one from NVIDIA 2200, one from NVIDIA 2050)
(2) PCI−X 100 MHz
(1) PCI−X 133 MHz
(1) PCI 32−bit 33MHz
Dual Opteron Model 248 (Single Core)
NVIDIA Quadro FX 3450 256MB G−DDR3
120GB 7,200rpm Serial ATA 8MB Cache Drive
16x Dual Layer DVD±RW Writer (with Nero software)
CDRW/DVD Combo Drive 48x24x48x16x (with Nero software)
Windows XP Professional Edition SP2
Black 104 key keyboard
Logitech MX310 corded optical mouse

The system is for work with Avid, Combustion, and 3DS Max. I also do some print work as well, but that’s not its primary function. I’m currently trying to pick out dual monitors that will give me the best results for a good price. I was originally looking at 19", but it seems the resolution can sometimes create issues on some models, so 20" might be the way I go. I know I’ll probably need true 16.7 million colors and a fast response time, but I’m lost as to what brand/size to go for.

My budget is about $350-$450 for each. I’ve read a lot on the forums all ready about monitors and it seems that people kinda like the Samsung Syncmasters and the Viewsonics, but I have not found out much for my specific needs.



anyone…point me in the right direction…? Im looking at the Mac 20" currently, but want to maybe add a 19" as well…good idea, bad idea??


I have an apple 23" display… its nice but it has doesn’t have the input options the dell 20" and 24" have… I’m going to buy a dell 20" LCD next, cheaper and with more input options…check it out…


thanks ill have to check it out…ive heard its made by the same company as the apple, but not as high of quality(very close though i hear)…So does the apple give you good color and fast response times? Ill be doing 3d and video post work, so thats all important to me…also what is the resolution? does the 20" do HD quality? thanks


I do 3d and video post work as well and yes the Apple works fine, although I got a 1st generation apple 23" and it has a magenta tint to it which sucks, I have to use my gfx cards color correction feature to compensate for it…but I’m pretty sure the new ones dont have that problem… About HD… It depends what HD format your talking about… The dell 20" is 1680 x 1050 so it will do HD 720 easily… To do HD 1080 you need a 1920 x1080 display so your choices would be an Apple 23" or 30" or a dell 24" or 30"… Read the archives here for all you ever wanted to know about do it yourself HD…


thanks, i just saw this one on another post and it seems as good as the apple (minus firewire ports) for a couple hundred less, though that probably comes out somewhere. I still wouldn’t mind having dual screens, but one 20" should probably do it for me. the 23" are just out of my price range for now, and with the 21" gateway I might be able to still add a decent 19".

I just stumbled across the dell 24" on there site for about $900(us). I’m starting to think it might be better for me to do one big screen now, and if ever the need/funds arise I could add another. Though I wonder about the dells, im just not a fan of theirs(especially since im in austin)


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