Monitor for Archviz?


Hi All!

I was wondering if anybody can recommend me a good monitor for archviz. I use mainly 3dmax, Vray and photoshop. On my screen my work looks really good but when I open the image on other screens it looks pale for some reason. Also for printing I always have to brigten and sharpen the image to get what I see on the screen.I never get what ı see on screen. To test I took other peoples work I found online they look similar in different screens, so I am a little confused there is definitely sth wrong with the screen I am working this really wastes hours of work. So it would be so helpful if I could get an insight on this from advanced cgartists. Which monitor you recommend? Thank you!


Just get the largest monitor you can afford with the highest Adobe RGB response. Then calibrate it with two profiles: one for web/email/screen use and one for print.

You’re always going to have to correct for print, there’s really no way around that. My company has several different printers at our multiple locations, so I’m often having to correct for each printer (Brother, HP, etc.) which is a huge pain in the ass but that’s the job.