Moment In Time, Olivier Archer (3D)


Title: Moment In Time
Name: Olivier Archer
Country: Honduras
Software: 3ds Max, Vray & Photoshop

Something I have wanted to make for a long while, it’s supposed to capture the beauty of nature if we could pause time.


Yeah, time is really frozen. Those falling waterdrops look really good.
But I beleve the drops on the center vein of the leaf would not be so perfectly round in RL.


Love the concept. Looks great :slight_smile:
I agree with the last post though, mabye some of the drops should run a little. Other than that, perfect :slight_smile:


Nice work.
Your work is with Softwares. that can be alittle easy, how about this?

Best Regards


The full beauty of nature is most definatly hard to capture, but I think you’ve made a good stab at it. =)

Maybe this could just be the first in a series? Our beautiful earth provides plenty of inspiration for more pieces.


love the drops! :slight_smile:


very nice, good texture:thumbsup:


Nice workkkkk :slight_smile:


Nice workkkkk :slight_smile:


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