Molly, Dario Triglia (3D)


Title: Molly

Name: Dario Triglia

Country: IT

Software: Maya Mudbox Marvelous designer MARI Fusion

Submitted: 18th October 2016

Cartoon character, '50s inspired.



I like your technique of rigging, fabric, light and render great job :keenly:


Thank You.


wonderful work… nice reel too


Thank you very much.


Great job!


Thank you!


Love it - Keep it up man!


thank you so much.


Wow,great job!


Thank you.


Awesome reel and character ! Really like your technical demonstration as well. :slight_smile:


Many Thanks. I’m glad you like it.


You’ve inspired a random stranger and I can’t thank you enough for this.Your work is awesome!


Amazing! To create something like that, it must have taken you forever! I know because I’m working in a similar direction… It takes forever to learn to get this much control. You’re rigging though… my character is nowhere close to the flexibility yours has. Very inspiring : ) Why not make another animation with her? This work is top notch!


Thank you ,
yes it took some mounths; I think i’ll never do something else with this character. It’s time is over. I’m working on new characters at the moment with more complex rigs.
so i definitively declare this work finished.
Thanks again.