Mole Warrrior, Pete Sussi (3D)


nice work , i have a character i desighned almost exact except in the face i have a different head what were your influences in the design.


Super job. The details and textures are excellent as it the presentation.


Wow!.. very nice model!.. superb quality and lighting… keep o the good work!


thanks for all your kind words and support. i really enjoyed making this guy. while i’m at it, i especially want to thank feng zhu for his wonderful design!


Love the detail, love the implementation, love the overall design. Altogether successful character. Now I just want to see him fight! :wink:


Exelent work man :applause:



Lovely work, I particularly like the small texture details, the scratches and dents, folds in the skin. Makes for a very believable character.


I only want say this is on of my favorite character!

well done! man hope to see more of ur work!!


realy nice and fantasy
love ur style
can u show me how u made the skin material and shader
realy want to know that


I like it ! it seems strange ! he’s very relistic. Very good job.

Anther one ?


Hehe, this is awesome!! :thumbsup: Again love the detail of the texture!


Great Work! Feng Zhu’s drawings are so detailed and inspiring - you did them justice! Cheers to both Modeler and Designer!


I liked it very much, gives me so much calm…


Nice render, Cool character.


Great character design! I really like it. I wish there would be more characters which have as much originality as yours.


Very real, feels like you oculd go in and pick him up. His facial expression is brilliant adds so much to the comedy value.

On a seperate note can I ask how you posted this pic. I wanted to post an image but you need to have over 50 posts :frowning:

Again great work, nice to see it was done in Lightwave.



ali_3dartist: it is all painted texture maps, no shaders. i did add a slight procedual bump to blend some of teh seems.

peted: thanks for the kind words. i just posted it…no restrictions i know of?

here is a rework of teh character i did for the 3dtotal textures. hope you like it :slight_smile:


LOL :bounce: His posture, makes it even more the better! Nice and crisp details!


Very nice! Great texture.


I saw this on 3D Total, it looks amazing, superb modelig and textuing. Thumbs up! :slight_smile: