Mojitooo, Ivan Ulicny (3D)


Title: Mojitooo
Name: Ivan Ulicny
Country: Slovakia
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

I returned to my latest picture of mojito and remade composition and some details - the water in glass , enviroment, lighting etc.

All was done in 3ds max and rendered in vray. I used photoshop for post.
Here you can see the wire:

And closeup:

Hope you like it :slight_smile:



Looks really fresh! :slight_smile:


Beautiful:cool: Great work!


Fresh and Cool, well done.


Nice Nice i just want to drink it know


Good cool and refreshing feeling!


thanks a lot guys :slight_smile:


Hmm, i did like the composition of your previous mojito somewhat better (except that little animal), because: 1. The background now is taking some of that crispy fresh feeling you had with the white bg. 2. The background seems to be composite (not visible through the glass, and isn’t reflected anywhere). 3. The space around the glass looks a bit small.
I would prefer a very bright bg (almost completely washed out, perhaps sea/sky?) and evtl. a square format.
But lighting and DOF are even better, and it’s still a very realistic and well done still. :thumbsup:


Nice render i like it :slight_smile:


really excellent work - gets my vote!


zokana: hi. you are right with the reflections and refractions from the background. but if i put it in to the glass there would be less white fresh places, i think. so i chose that way - made the background in photoshop and keep the white background settings from max :slight_smile:
I liked that feeling … like behind the mojito is some kind of discoclub or pub or something like that, so i chose this kind of background :slight_smile:

anyway… thanks for crit. and for all guys thanks for nice replies :slight_smile:


If i didn’t have seen the version with the white bg, i wouldn’t have criticized anything for shure. It’s a pleasure to see such a good work! :beer:


thanks :slight_smile: :beer:


You kicked it in the face, great job. The interesting part is that materials like these are not easy to achieve, all food is hard for rendering and shading.


hey man this is cool render Idont like mochito but this is 5stars works Like it so much


Great render! So thirsty now!


Great job - I think the changes are a big improvement actually. Top notch render.



fantastic work, beautiful colors


y nice, i love it :slight_smile: all these water drops are made with plugin, or by hande with random transform script ?


Hi… thank you guys :slight_smile:

workaholic: the waterdrops were placed by advanced painter plugin :slight_smile: