MoInstance jitter


So I’ve got this setup which works really nicely except for this one problem with MoInstance.

I’m instancing a deforming mesh a whole lot of times but, seemingly randomly but repeatedly, several of the instances will flicker to a “nearby” frame of animation or disappear altogether for a frame or two, and I am at a loss for how to rectify it.

Sticking a mograph cache tag on it does not help.
Baking the pointcache tag into PLA does not help.
It’s not a quirk of the specific mesh I’m working on (I’m in R18, btw); Just animate a deformer on a primitive, run it through MoInstance and the same problem arises.

Honestly it feels like a bug but I’m pretty sure I ran into this same problem with MoInstance years ago and surely that sort of thing would’ve been fixed by now? If it’s just MoInstance being MoInstance, is there some other way of doing exactly what MoInstance does except reliably?

Any help is much appreciated.


Can you upload an example?

Is this just in render? Physical render has some issues with cloners/instances.


Can you upload an example?
I can!

This is a cube with a bend deformer and a MoInstance and nothing else. Viewport on top, standard renderer on bottom.

Notice how the instances blink in and out of existence on the render at “5 o’clock” on the render? I cannot figure out how to get rid of this issue.


Can you bake out the deformer & remimport the mesh? That might be a practical option moving forward.


Sorry that’s a bug, I’ll report it


Just put your object into a Cloner and use the Step Effector for example with a Time Offset and you should get almost the same result as with the MoInstance.


Hi, I found this topic on Google and registered to the forum to reply.

I have exactly the same problem with MoInstance. For me it starts skipping at the 42nd frame. From that point, some frames start disappearing and reappearing, which messes up my trailing effect.

I’ve spent the past two days trying to find a good alternative but nothing seems to achieve what I want (a trail of “past states” of my object’s animation), not even a Cloner with Step Effector even though that’s the closest.

Until the glitch is fixed, an acceptable alternative for me was to delete MoInstance and render every frame as transparent PNGs — then overlay one on top of the other on AfterEffects, therefore replicating this trail effect. That might be too specific to my project though, but just thought I’d share.