Moi3D V3 Beta 1


Moment of Inspiration (Moi) the Zen Nurbs Modeler :cool:
Released :thumbsup:
French Version (Past in ui folder) ! :arteest:

Have fun if you are yet owner of the V2 :beer:

(works in 3D)


is there afeature list anywhere?


is there a feature list anywhere?

List of news will be in few days

Else you have the Wishlist or the help on line :beer:

Major overhaul to many internals - the UI is now based off of WebKit/JavaScriptCore instead of mshtml.dll/JScript.dll , updated to new OpenNURBS v5 library for reading 3DM files - this enables reading of Rhino v5 files and should round trip stuff like extended layer properties to Rhino v4 better. Also updated to the newest release of the Solids++ geometry library which has some various bug fixes in it.

New Flow command (Transform > Deform > Flow, no icon yet) for deforming objects from one “backbone” to another.

New selection indicator in the scene browser - shows a yellow dot on the right hand side to show if an item has selection or not, also now click on that spot to select or deselect things in the scene browser. Also you can use Ctrl+click on that same spot to set a selection filter which is also new.


I’ve downloaded it. :slight_smile:


Perfect! Looking forward to style groups, couldn’t wait for that one.


I have translated this tut for the French guys :slight_smile:

By m-dynamics (Mauro) :craqueur:

Hi guys:
even better modeling PLANAR stuff,easy then make solids and filleting,in this case a pair of sunglasses(planar half solid and a cutting plane to obtain the nose frame )

after fillet and mirror i obtain a sunglasses frame.Now Mr.Michael will offer us a new set of deformers-tools,first of these called FLOW.I use it to bend the frame

…sorry…“nose frame” is little bit large…just a quick model…

i’ll use FLOW again to bend the frame in the “nose area”

…FLOW strikes again !!

final touch i’ll put MOI logo on the side

and then a quick render …classic style

…little more “sporting”…


Always by Mauro :wavey:
modeling caliper+logo+sheet=MOI V2
set-up scene=CINEMA 4D
render engine= FRYRENDER 1.5 (unbiased)
post= PSE 7


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