MOI 3D 4.0 Beta 64 bits is now available! Nov 2017


Moi3D 4.0 Beta 64 bits ! :slight_smile: (Mac / Pc)

The Zen Nurbs modeler! :cool:
Has maybe the better converter Nurbs to Polygonal format (OBJ etc…)

By Zarkow (100% Moi modeling)


Fantastic! Thanks for the heads up, would’ve missed it otherwise!


Downloaded. Testing now. Love MOI.

Thanks for the heads up Pilou!


Great to see an update!

MOI made it possible for me to NURBS model using a tablet with touch and pen input.

I do hope that MOI makes it’s way to VR and AR in time. Now that VR is here, interpretative 2D modeling experiences will cease to be a reasonable way of doing 3D work.