Mohannad Ra 3D Modeler


My name is Mohannad Hussam AlRatroot , and I am a 3D Modeler I hope you’re doing well.

I would like to make introductions and explore ways to grow as as an artist .

I have a Diploma in Graphics design , And I completed one year course in animschool focusing on Character creation .as well as 3D Modeling experience as I’m recently working with Silver Ant Sdn Bhd as a 3D Modeling artist and I worked with Lemon Sky Animation Sdn Bhd as a 3D Modeler, creating and texturing high and low poly Models ( sets,Character,Props) and digital sculptures using z brush .

I have worked on Disney XD Future-Worm Steak Starbolt: The Best Generation Episode , Blizzard Starcraft Remastered , Astrolology .

Please check my portfolio and profile hope you like it

Portfolio :



Super cool stylized characters you got mate.


Really cool models here! I love the cartoony feeling and the dragon is awesome by the way :slight_smile: