mograph: time offset question


I have a cloner object that springs to life (just an array of vertically tansformed cubes for now)

I dragged that cloner into another cloner to arrange an array of several cloned groups in a row.

I would like each cloned group to spring to life in order by offsetting the time when each cloner takes effect. I thought the step effector could do this with the time offset control. but maybe time offset only works for keyframed attributes?

Is there a way to do this in mograph?


It’s not very clear what you mean by “spring to life”. The time offset options in MoGraph are indeed only for keyframed values (and the very few expressions that understand keyframed values), if you’re animating the cloners by effectors then you can depending on the scene modify the cloners using falloffs and also the weight control to offset the effect of subsiquent effectors.


Thanks Per–I was thinking that a moving effector with falloff might work–but have to spend some time figuring out how best to set this up. I think in this case a separate cloner for each group (see clips to hopefully give you an idea of what I want) will be the best way–though i was hoping I could set it up quickly using one mograph cloner group.

I want several of these sort of things (in clip 1) each springing up individually–1,2,3, etc.
clip 1

Heres a simpler example showing one cloner with y offset of each cube. Its a cloner (cubes transformed on Y axis) inside a cloner (cube arrays offset on x axis)

clip 2

The goal was to have each set within the second cloner to occur in a stepped order–rather than for all 5 columns to pop up in unison.


Presumably you’re animating the seperation using an effector, in that case just use a random effector set to modify the weight aprameter of your cloners, make sure it’s before whatever effectors are doing the stretching out bit, then on those effectors modify the corresponding falloff weight parameter.

But for the look you have why not just keyframe the positions in the linear step in the cloner? Then you can use the time parameter to modify their animation (the delay effector will work with it whether it’s keyframed within the cloner parameters or using a seperate effector for the job of animating the clones).


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