Mograph Selection icon_red & yellow dots barely visible???


My title says it all… I can barely see the Mograph Selection icons due to their size, eg: the red dots and yellow dots. I figure that there is some setting of some sort to change this because l have R19 Studio installed on 2 computers, and on one computer (surface Pro) the icons are as they should be…easy to see in regards to their size and easy to see whats selected and whats not.

On my workstation l can barely see them due to their small size, so l can only assume there has to be setting that is different on each computer but for the life of me l can’t figure out what it would be.

Any insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Chadman.


Sorry to answer my own question but this might help somebody else…I went through both installations Preference options and this was the issue/difference on my workstation!

OPENGL- TAB_Anti-Aliasing at 32…yeap when l put it down to NONE (what my Surface Pro was set at) the selection icons became bigger and hence easy to see them and their colour.:banghead: