Mograph scale clones along spline


Hey All,

I have an animated spline, ‘growing’ a branch.
I have thorns dropped into a cloner, randomly positioned along said objects surface.

I’ve been trying to find a way to ‘grow’ the thorns as the spline is animated (revealed).
I’ve tried placing an effector with an align to spline
I’m sure this is simple but for the life of me I can’t figure it out.

Wonder if someone could advise please?




Add a Plain Effector to the Cloner for the thorns, set Parameter for the Plain Effector to only Scale>Uniform Scale>-1, then add a Linear Field and make it fairly narrow.

I have assumed you’re using Start or End Growth for the animation of the Sweep Object/branch:

If you want to use Align to Spline you need to use basic XPresso. Add the Align to Spline tag to the Linear Field and add the spline use for the Sweep Object into the Spline Path (under Tag tab for the Align to Spline tag), then right-click the Growth of your Sweep (under Object tab for Sweep Object) and choose XPressions>Set Driver then go to the Align to Spline tag (under Tag tab for Align to Spline tag) and right-click on Position and choose XPressions>Set Driven (Absolute). If you’ve keyframed the growth parameter and the same spline is used for both the Sweep and Align to Spline tag this should now work.

As an alternative in this case, you could easily just manually keyframe the movement of the Linear Field in time with the spline growth instead.


Hey Drew,

Thanks for the suggestions there. I did apply a Linear Field (with Uniform Scale -1), applied an alight to spline but the linear field effects the whole spline across the linear field direction and not within it’s boundaries. Not sure if there’s a fix for this?


Can you upload a simplified version of your file so I can see what you’ve done. It should be straight forward.

My only guess before seeing your file is that perhaps your linear field needs to be made narrow like I posted previously.