mograph in LW series...


I started a new series of videos that uses nodes to make easy work of motion grafx.

The first project is a remake of this

It can be found here


Some more vids are up… and fixed the link in post above…


Some more vids…


new vids up… this one is coooool.


it’s cool! thank you!


glad you enjoyed it… next one is even better.


Can somebody tell me what this tutorial is doing in the lightwave section???
It is surely a mistake


Well they are tutorials using LW… What section would you like me to put them in? lol


I have seen a C4D tutorial


Ah ok I understand
it is a remake of a C4D tutorial.
Sorry for the misunderstanding.


Thank very much for this video :wink:


Just a little remark:
It should be noticed that you need some external nodes plug-in such as Pom’s, DP kit, TrueArt to do these exercices.
In addition, True art nodes library is only available in 32 bits


true arts nodes are optional and are only used to group stuff and make things neater, but all can be done without using his nodes.

also, true arts group node is in 32 and 64 bit. If you look you can see that i am using 64 bit.

poms nodes are also optional, but it would be much less functional without them.

Dponts nodes are needed… and none if this can be done without his nodes.


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