MoGraph Color Shader and User-Defined Colors


I’m struggling to undersatnd how to work with colors with the MoGraph color shader. I have two setups that should be identical, but they are not. Observe:

The bottom ring is behaving the way I would expect, but the top ring does not. The difference is that the top ring’s formula effector’s color mode is set to “user-defined” (with a color of 255 red) while the bottom one is set to “on”. The top ring’s material’s colorizer’s input is set to “Red” while the bottom ring’s material’s colorizer’s input is looking set to “luminance”.

I simply don’t understand why the results aren’t identical. The reason I would like the top ring to work properly is so that I can use other channels to affect different aspects of the material independently (I can’t do that on the bottom ring, see here).

Colorizer Problem 2.c4d (206.6 KB)