mograph cloner - sort id


is there a way to sort the ID of the mograph clone objects? Im using redshift switch to add my materials, and I would like to change the ID of the cloners (like Sort command in Houdini, or Reverse/Set First Point on a closed spline in C4D. If there isnt, then I would like to suggest such a function in the future.

Also, the current way of changing mograph colors is too clicky (you have to click on the material and in the effector to change parameters accordingly), perhaps you should take a look and the Mash color node in Maya (its very simple to set up and it also changes color accordingly to the speed of the animation)



There is a workaround with voronoi fracture, that might seem a bit weird:
Create a voronoi fracture and remove all sources from the source tab (delete default point generator). Make the cloner a child of voronoi fracture. This will output the clones nearly unchanged.
The thing is: voronoi fracture has a sorting tab, that offers rage of sorting options, some of them are polygon object surface distance, world positions, directions, spline distance and along splines.


the workaround was a perfect solution… thanks!