Moe's, Victor Hugo Queiroz (3D)


awesome 5*!


Great work :argh::bowdown:i love moe’s expression !

My only crits will be about homer, he looks a bit weird, mmmhh in fact he generaly is :smiley:




Amazing! Lots of details. Modeling and Lighting are very well done, beautiful work.


Ha ha, Great!!


Hahaha! Thank you guys!

Yep, Homer looks a bit weird, but in fact he generaly is! hahaha! We made the same conclusion making him in 3D! haha! Cheers! :beer:

And as I promissed, an AO! (Click for full!) ;D


Really nice job there!

While they haven’t done a whole episode in 3D afaik, Homer appeared in 3D in a Halloween special way back in the early days of the series (when 3D was much more difficult to produce and far more expensive).

I forget the season, maybe season 4, but Homer went through the Poltergeist-like hole in his living room wall and came out in 3D on the other side. It was only about half an episode, and the environment was simple/almost non-existent, but he was in 3D. It also had a classic line when he arrives in the 3D world and says, “Man this place looks expensive!”

If you do a little research on that episode, you’ll find that all the stuff Homer runs into on the 3D side are in-jokes or references from the early days of graphics computing.


hi man! fantasctic work! congratulations, i loved the lights! colors…

5 stars for me *****


awesome work
Five Stars\m/


This is amazing! Really captures the bar and characters perfectly! I’d love to see more scenes/characters!


Awesome work. I like how you have done this image. Realistic but in its own true form. Great choice of material style.


I agree, phenomenal Image, but i do have one criticism… How can that possibly be Moe’s tavern without Barney being in attendance? he should at least be drunk and passed out behind Homer there. :wink:


Fantastic work!!!
Best regards, Selwy


Oh my god, this is stupidly awesome.

I could swear this is a photo of some figurines.

This render just made my day. Thankyou. 5 stars for sure!!!


Dohh! This is well done…I appreciate the gang’s time and effort put into this.


Guess who took the picture… :stuck_out_tongue: (ok, in one of his sober days)

Great job!, and not only because i´m another Simpsons fan, but cause the great modeling, lighting and detailing, I love the warm and happy mood of the scene, makes me want a cold Duff… D´Ouh!




Brilliant, nothing to criticise, just enjoying the atmosphere!! THX!


Nice work, greating lighting and composition, love the details you put into the scene!


awesome pic.

Now try lighting it all with a Flaming Moe… :slight_smile:


Congratulations for the award, well deserved …


OMG this is fantastic !!! I love it very much 5* :slight_smile: