Moe's, Victor Hugo Queiroz (3D)


Title: Moe’s
Name: Victor Hugo Queiroz
Country: Brazil
Software: mental ray, Photoshop

Hi there!
This scene was made by our studio, and was done in the spare time of the team. The goal was to make a tribute to Matt Groening, such an amazing artist who gave us this amazing cartoon! We salute you!

Comments and critics are most welcome!

Best regards,
Z-Axis Team


This is just great

i’m a big fan of the simpsons and would really like to see an episode in full 3D…


Great job, it´s really hard to model in 3D a 2D character, I made two years ago a model of Obelix and it takes lots of time.

Congrats, 4 stars


Haha, you captured everything really nice! The glass and beer shaders are great too.

Although, I believe that the Duff beer bottle is brown in the episodes and not green. :stuck_out_tongue:

But all in all, very nice picture!


That’s really cool. Great atmosphere. Expressions are spot on! :slight_smile:



really amazing work.
nice details.


very good work man 5* from me


Heheh nice :thumbsup:


hehehe really nice work :beer:


Amazing truly. All this time I was very interested in seeing how a 3D simpson would be like…This image shows a lot. Now I really would love to see a 3D simpson episode. Keep it up…:thumbsup:


Great work! i loved the light :wink:

Vc esta usando apenas luzes ou FG tambem?

Best Regards



GREAT job!

Awesome attention with details. Lighting and Shaders spot on, and the modeling rocks.

5* for me!


WOW !!! :drool:

Great work guys, just amazing

5 stars


Hi again!
Hahaha! Everybody, so much thank you for the comments! And yeah, we all hope for a 3D Simpsons episode! Hahaha!

X-PanDer: You can see the brown bottle behind Homer! The “green bottle” idea was to be something like a “Premium” version of the conventional Duff, so that explain why this one it’s green! Thanks for the c+c! ;D

ronaldomiranda: Cara, foi usado o FG pra dar um rebatimento legal e tal, os tons mais escuros foram carregados na pós! Abraço!

Soon I’ll be posting an Ambient Occlusion! ;D
Best regards!


Really Great Work… 5*


Brazil rocks hehehehe…


haha that is great :slight_smile: i love simpsons and i love your rendering 5 Stars !!


man this prety and tremendes render you did , i really love that cartoon still today i still watched ( who dosn’t ) , i really hade some times good ideas but it’s hard to do it and need times that i don’t have , it’s really art i really hade enogh of simulating reallty


fantastic, 5 * for sure :thumbsup:


Simply put!



yes!! great :beer: