Modo tutorial series : Modeling a cartoon lama


Hi guys, i’m finally able to post this, even if the series is not complete, but it won’t take long. Since i was working on some characters i did a while ago, i finally had the time to start some of them in 3d, and i took the opportunity to make some videos on one of them : the Lama.

The modeling it’s completely done in Modo, and also the UV layout and painting, even if it’s not so complicated.
I’ve uploaded the first chapter to make you try the video/audio quality.
The video is 1280x720 MP4 while i stepped down the audio since it seemed that it worked it out well, but pls, let me know. Crits and suggestions are LARGELY welcome.
Here are some screenshots, the image reference i used and the link to the Vimeo channel.


Lama image reference

Modeling a Lama in Modo


I’ve split the second chapter because the shaping of the body was done into two ways. One using simple commands like Move or Element Move, while the other one sculpting the mesh and using the Soft Drag. So, here it is the first solution of the second chapter and a couple of screens :

And here’s the link to the video :
Modeling a lama in Modo | Second chapter (first solution)


The alternate way for the second chapter is online. This time we shape the body of the lama using the Soft Drag tool and some sculpting tools, on the mesh, as the move, Push and Smooth.
Enjoy it. As always crits are welcome.



Looks interesting. Thanks for sharing these. I will go through them this weekend and let you know what I think.


Here again ,to inform you that i’ve put out the third chapter of the lama modeling session. As always, here it is a screengrab and the link to the video. Cheers.

Modeling a lama in Modo - Chapter 3


i am going to be giving this a try for sure. sometime today

the reference image is gone.


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