MODO: Q&A with Brad Peebler





hehe :thumbsup:


Getting Psyched!


This thread is simply just too big. I’m gonna get lazy and ask the obvious; academic discount?


Things must be getting close. The Modo banner at the Lux site is now a little more active.


Only days to go before Modo is released at Siggraph. It will be the most anticipated release at the convention. We’ve waited over 2 years for this moment. Now only days to go!


Is it official that modo will be released at Sig. ? I think not, but i hope it will be soon :thumbsup:

WoOoW !! Transparent UI panels rule !!

domo domo modo


If they don’t release at Sig, then they will probably announce a date. Apart for showing Modo (will they keep that name?), I wonder if they will give us a glimpse of their future plans. Maybe they might demo a prototype of their new animation package. :slight_smile:


Mmmmmhhhh!! can’t wait to know more!:drool:

some glimpse of the animation package would be really cool as well.


At the Lux site, they’re announcing an exclusive, invitation only demo of some “super secret new technology” at Siggraph. Makes me wish I was going myself.

The way it’s worded, though, makes me wonder if modo will bew released at the conference.


I really hope they not only announce it, but mention a release date too. Been dying to hear lots more about Modo.


This is the first update to the text of Luxology’s website since March. They’ve been really quiet, beavering away at their new app.

Demo of “Super Secret New Technology” = The Nexus renderer.

Hopefully anyone making a video of this rendering demonstration will take a tripod, as that will make the Quicktime download size smaller. (Last year we had shakeycam vision which added to the video’s file size).

Maybe SheepFactory should interview Luxology President Brad Peebler again at Siggraph. It’s telling that 3D luminaries Stuart Ferguson and Alan Hastings will be there for the big moment.


Wow these are great news for sure! Super Secret New Technology… :drool:

Only thing I hope we will not have to wait so much to see some Lux product :really I can’t wait!!
Oh, and as said : some cool video , pls!! :slight_smile:


MMMMMM…sounds juicy.


Hopefully someone will spill the beans for the rest of us after the secret presentation. :slight_smile:


They have posted the booths that it will be showing in. Looks like they dont have thier own booth. Wierd. I would think if it was going to ship around Sig they would have thier own booth but I could be wrong. :shrug:


They might not be releasing it at Siggraph. But then no one exected Brad Peebler, et al, to release Lightwave 7 at Siggraph three years ago (or was it 4?). It just appeared at a Newtek party with little prior buzz or promise. But they were handing out boxes of 7 that night.

Hopefully, they’ll repeat the same stunt.


I’m no genius, and I haven’t been following this as much as I should, but I have made a few observations from the Luxology website:

  1. They do have a renderer, because there is a shaded object in one of their images; and it is apparently a radiosity render.

  2. Their renderer FINALLY supports subpatch wireframe-shaded renders, as you can see in the small image. I actually wrote the Lscript/Plugin to allow us modelers to export wireframe-shaded turntables; it looks like that will be a thing of tha past.

  3. Apparently you can select edgeloops, as shown in one of the other UI images.

I see that the nomenclature of ‘band’ has been replaced with ‘loop’, I just hope it can do these things:

  1. Artisan-like sculpting
  2. PointNormalMove
  3. Evaluate a LW subd mesh, and convert (tweak its points to align the surfaces) it to a standard catmull-clark subd; because I hate ‘re-tweaking’ LW subd cages just because they can no longer open up and edit the core to adhere to industry standards.


Yap i noticed the same things !:slight_smile:

  1. Brad stated there will be some artisan -like tool, i dunno how powerfull, but there will be something for sure.
  2. i hope so
  3. i can’t completely understand this point : do Lw subpatches are really not standard? could you elaborate more?
    however : I read that Modo has its own subpatch algorithm, but it has the cool possibility to support any algorithm you want even one written by you if u want. Now this is way cool.

p.s. thanx for the cooll turntable plug!! :slight_smile:


personally, I care very little for ‘super secret special features’ at this time, I’d just like to see modo released with the initial features that once caught my fancy, such as the ability to mimic an existing workflow (in my case lightwave) but then being able to tweak it so that it conforms to my particular workflow, add to that ngons, a (I hope) great uv editor, and what I hope will be subd speed atleast somewhere near that of xsi, then I’d be happy. well, unless the price sets it beyond my grasp that is, I passed up on lw8 saving my pennies for modo (not a hard choice thought, since it was very little in 8 that were interesting to me), so I’m really hoping I won’t see a price tag that sets modo beyond my reach.