MODO: Q&A with Brad Peebler


I am glad that I found this article. I just heard of modo a few days ago and had no clue what it was. This was very informative.


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Personally due to the fact that I am not employed in the industry thus not utilizing some far out pipeline it all comes down to which is the better modeler to crank out some poly critters and like.

You may not use some features, but they can be important to you anyway.

MODO’s pipeline and extensibility are good examples. Most users won’t be interested in rewriting the code in this way. But the studios will.

But most users would like to find a job in the industry, and it’s easier to find a job if the studios are using the same software as you.

Some other 3D software applications (no name mentioned) are being dropped by studios because of the lack of extensibility. See what I mean?

What’s also interesting about the Luxology set up, is that people who are at the forefront of designing the product (I’m thinking of Alan Hastings and Stuart Ferguson here) have a major say in the way the company is being run.


Great job guys. Thanks for asking all the tough questions and posting your opinions of what you saw. It will be interesting to see what time will tell about what tools Luxology are bringing to the table.


I posted a link to this thread in the Newtek forums to highlight the “special bonus for users of lightwave 8” and lo and behold the thread is gone.

Hmmm… perhaps it has something to do with the fact that I also put this quote there as well:

  • Also how long till modo goes GM?

Because software development is a very fluid process , we’ll only announce a concrete shipping date when we have one. Luxology understands that many people like to know approximately when the software will be released so they can make informed purchase decisions , however , we feel it is a disservice to those customers to project a date that may (and most likely will) change as the program evolves.

I guess one of the moderators did not like that part.


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I guess one of the moderators sis not like that part.

if mods did their job only according to personal tastes the forum would be quite messy (but damn fun :wink: )

it was simply, altho I’m sure absolutely innocent, a very flame prone subject to lift at present time, and even more important one debated way too much in the past weeks.

take it easy, let the ripples of the past threads disappear, and most important wait for final releases, and everything will be fine :slight_smile:


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I guess one of the moderators did not like that part.

Actually, Newtek has stated repeatedly (and I believe it’s a sticky on there) that their forum is not a place to discuss a competitors product. I think exceptions to that rule would be something like “I’ve been using Brand X and this is how I’ve done it, How do I do it in LW”.

So no conspiracy just a very understandable posting policy. But hey, thanks for playing.


Wait and see scenerio for me, I use my current toolset at work and home just fine without any headaches.
What it comes down to imho is how well the licenses are setup for production use, the time and more importantly the cost. Because I honestly believe most studio execs won’t even raise a brow if their current setup gets the job done and on time and budget.

If you understand the art, you can work with any tool.



CG Studios can model in any 3d program as long as it can import/export .obj files. With that said, a lot also model in one 3d package and then animate and render in or two different programs. So Modo can/could fit into any pipeline.
I think Modo looks very cool and I can’t wait to try it! :thumbsup:


I’m excited anyway :thumbsup:
specially with the specially price for Lw 8 users
I hope LW 8 is out by the time Modo comes Out LOL :smiley:


Thanks for all the info Sheep! Looks very cool but I fear it will be too pricey for me :o(


great q&a, the wide range of questions made for a good overall glimpse of what modo will be.

to me, the winning part of modo is likely the fact that it will be easy for 3rd party developers to create plugins that are not so tightly bound by the existing core, but can from what I’ve read, take over just about any functionality.

the ideal situation would be that modo gets a wide range of third party support where users could buy modules/plugins for renderers, alternate geometry (nurbs), animation etc. for this to come true though, modo has to be able to make a dent in the industry based upon it’s initial submodeler, and here there is a fierce competition already.

personally I’m very interested in how powerful the scripting engine will be, if it allows enough ‘under-the-hood’ work then users may be able to tailor the modeler into something reflecting the users personal workflow way beyond that of a flexible gui setup.

ahwell, time will tell, again, great work on this comprehensive q&a Sheep and Mdme Sadie, thanks.


Thanx for the interview and the infos, Sheep! you made a good work.
It seems like modo will be a good enhancement on Lw classic modelling capabilities and more.

Actually I expected more innovative features, but maybe they’re part of the secret infos Lux has to reveal as well.

Surely Modo could be the starting point for a new funny way to work in 3D graphics. after all, Maya users for example are not used modelling easily and fast as in Lw

IMO a solo modelling module needs more than whats shown in Brad statements, but maybe in r2 or 3 we will see some more power.

However can’t wait to try it and judge it properly!!

and can’t wait to know IF some other module
is coming in the future…:drool:


I think the idea of an “OS” for 3D programs is a great one, because it certainly looks as though the industry is going more and more modular.

I’m a modeller by trade and for that I use Lightwave (and increasingly MAX), my renderer of choice is Vray, and whilst at the momment it is MAX only, the developers are working hard to make it a standalone program.
Whilst I’m not really an animator, I have had a couple false starts at improving my animation skills in the past, but none of the programs really suited me. However I’ve reciently taken advantage of Kaydara’s Motion Builder offer and I’m getting along with it quite well. Again it’s another modular program.

Now if there was a single program that could tie this altogether and make it work a lot more seamlessly than it does at the momment I would be in seventh heaven.

Possibly the most important aspect for Luxology to concentrate on will be the file format transfer. If this is right it then stands a chance of becoming the Paintshop Pro of the 3D world. Right from the start PSP handled so many file formats that people just got it for the file coversion ability, since then it has blossomed into quite a capable paint program.


IMO a standalone, and comprehensive modelling tool is a good idea. Our company uses Maya and Lightwave for game developement, and there are tools is Maya that LW users would welcome, while ther are tools in LW that Maya users would welcome. If a COMPREHENSIVE tool is released, it is sure that we would use it.

Currently e.g. Wings3D is out of my sight, because it has no deformation tools, like bend, twist, lathe, extrude along spline, etc.


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I’ve reciently taken advantage of Kaydara’s Motion Builder offer and I’m getting along with it quite well.
You’ve got Motion Builder, but it’s possible that Project Messiah may become a module for Luxology’s new 3D app. Just speculating, as PMG is one of Lux’s partners.


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You’ve got Motion Builder, but it’s possible that Project Messiah may become a module for Luxology’s new 3D app. Just speculating, as PMG is one of Lux’s partners.

That’s some pretty interesting “speculation”. You might as well speculate that Modo is going to be folded into Poser, or that that Lux is looking into using/purchasing Bryce’s render engine.

 e.g. It's all baseless speculation without any shred of real evidence to back it up.


I`m sure that Lux will develope their own tool for animation and render, if they wish.

pmg maybe partners, mainly because they are also providing a MODULE to exisiting pipelines. I think the rest is pure speculation.


Thanks to Sheepfactor and Sadie for the interview/info-mercial with Brad. I think you asked most of the major questions that folks listed here. I wish you would have discussed what their marketing strategy/approach is going to be. But it does look like they’ll have a pretty nice little modeler whenever they get it up and running.

I have to agree with what LilDragon/Tito had to say about it however. There doesn’t appear to be a real dearth of modeling aps out there at the moment.

I see nothing revolutionary within the modeling features so far, I can do what I need to just fine using a number of other aps including a few free ones. I could case less about chameleon interfaces myself.

After reading the interview I really didn’t feel that brad had made any real news of note and there was no talk regarding pricing and a “certain” 12 month time frame for release. I was a tad disappointed with the catty manner he attempted to sidestep the issue with the gratuitous and sadly unprofessional cheap shot. One does sense that this unit won’t be delivering very soon this year.

Post some new videos when they’re available and see if they can use a conventional 4x3 monitor instead of the 16x9 since many of us aren’t going to be using those cooler looking and pricey monitors for a while at least. I want to see modeling features and less of the eye candy component.


Thank you Sheep and Sadie !!! for getting the answers to our questions.


Chewey, youre right, nothing revolutionary yet, but what Im glad of, that it will combine the strength of many application, including LW, Wings3D, etc.

Ooops. One revolutionary looking thing is that you can create your tool, combining few toolseffects together. I think thats cool.

I agree also, that a series of video could be very informational for us