MODO: Q&A with Brad Peebler


Hopefully someone will spill the beans for the rest of us after the secret presentation. :slight_smile:


They have posted the booths that it will be showing in. Looks like they dont have thier own booth. Wierd. I would think if it was going to ship around Sig they would have thier own booth but I could be wrong. :shrug:


They might not be releasing it at Siggraph. But then no one exected Brad Peebler, et al, to release Lightwave 7 at Siggraph three years ago (or was it 4?). It just appeared at a Newtek party with little prior buzz or promise. But they were handing out boxes of 7 that night.

Hopefully, they’ll repeat the same stunt.


I’m no genius, and I haven’t been following this as much as I should, but I have made a few observations from the Luxology website:

  1. They do have a renderer, because there is a shaded object in one of their images; and it is apparently a radiosity render.

  2. Their renderer FINALLY supports subpatch wireframe-shaded renders, as you can see in the small image. I actually wrote the Lscript/Plugin to allow us modelers to export wireframe-shaded turntables; it looks like that will be a thing of tha past.

  3. Apparently you can select edgeloops, as shown in one of the other UI images.

I see that the nomenclature of ‘band’ has been replaced with ‘loop’, I just hope it can do these things:

  1. Artisan-like sculpting
  2. PointNormalMove
  3. Evaluate a LW subd mesh, and convert (tweak its points to align the surfaces) it to a standard catmull-clark subd; because I hate ‘re-tweaking’ LW subd cages just because they can no longer open up and edit the core to adhere to industry standards.


Yap i noticed the same things !:slight_smile:

  1. Brad stated there will be some artisan -like tool, i dunno how powerfull, but there will be something for sure.
  2. i hope so
  3. i can’t completely understand this point : do Lw subpatches are really not standard? could you elaborate more?
    however : I read that Modo has its own subpatch algorithm, but it has the cool possibility to support any algorithm you want even one written by you if u want. Now this is way cool.

p.s. thanx for the cooll turntable plug!! :slight_smile:


personally, I care very little for ‘super secret special features’ at this time, I’d just like to see modo released with the initial features that once caught my fancy, such as the ability to mimic an existing workflow (in my case lightwave) but then being able to tweak it so that it conforms to my particular workflow, add to that ngons, a (I hope) great uv editor, and what I hope will be subd speed atleast somewhere near that of xsi, then I’d be happy. well, unless the price sets it beyond my grasp that is, I passed up on lw8 saving my pennies for modo (not a hard choice thought, since it was very little in 8 that were interesting to me), so I’m really hoping I won’t see a price tag that sets modo beyond my reach.


Catmull-Clark is a more standard algorithm… Maya and XSI use it (and others). It’s just a pain really - if you own Lightwave at home and model in it - to bring your models to work or school and have them not look quite right.

You’d think Newtek would’ve switched a long time ago so we’d at least be able to use 5 point patches like everyone else.


Hmmm…secret presentation…

I dont know if this will mean a Siggraph launch, but things are getting close, also dont forget they are looking for demo artists…


Hey thanx Chaz for the explaination. so Catmull clark or Doo Sabin or both :slight_smile: seems the best way to go even because they support n sided poligons.However, Since there are studios actually modelling in Lw and animating into other packages, maybe they tweak and refine their shapes in the high end app after making a good base in Lw.

Modo seems to have its own algorithm though wich, at this point maybe will be better/faster than the previous ones?hope it will have also catmull an doo however even if they were not mentioned.


I always thought LW sub patches were excellent, fast and as good as or better than other packages implementation apart from not supporting ngons. That’s partly why LW modeller has been always respected in the industry. But my opinion may be outdated as I haven’t looked properly at other packages recent implementation of it, so maybe things are different now.

Anyway, Modo looks as if it could be a big step up from what I am currently using for modelling and I am looking forward to the details and a download demo.


from :

		where's modo? 			   			08.03.2004 			  			 Luxology will be showing off our revolutionary new 3D modeling platform, modo, at SIGGRAPH 2004. You can visit any of the following booths to see a demonstration:

AMD (#1334)
Apple (#1401)
ATI (#1101)
PNY (#1746)

modo will also be highlighted at our special technology screening on Tuesday evening at the Museum of Neon Art (special registration and tickets required) - details below.



Modo seems to have its own algorithm though wich, at this point maybe will be better/faster than the previous ones?hope it will have also catmull an doo however even if they were not mentioned.

I think I remember(not sure) having read that Modo will have two preview modes,one similar to LW subpatches and the other a Catmull-Clark.


From Brad’s interview :
The modo subdivision surface engine is also extensible and can be replaced by third parties. In modo r1 we have included 2 subdivision algorithms. The default modo subd engine is designed to support ngons and edge weighting. The alternate subd engine is visually identical to the Lightwave 3d engine. This allows the user to model in that style , or simply use it to check for artifacts prior to export.

Default subpatch algotithm seems similar to Catmul clark,but may be different as well, while the other is similar to Lw’s one i think without n gons for a faster performance. Anyway the important thing is that they smooth similarly to standard Catmull we have in other apps so that one could export his mesh with no real prob as stated in the interview.

Then there’s the cool third party possibility :drool:


It probably has nothing to do with performance, and everything to do with facilitating clean interaction with LightWave. Read it – he specifically said that it’s visually identical to LW’s, and Lux has been pushing their clean interaction with other software quite a bit.


I wonder how/if Modo will do skinning for character setup. This might have been discussed before in this age long thread, but I think it will be in, since there is the uv editor, and somewhere in the screens you can see weight maps and even morph maps mentioned. Anyway, that means it must have some kind of bones system too i suppose. I’d be happy if this would be true, and it would play well together with motionbuilder.


I think Lightwave’s subd’s are pretty good except for the pinching. I wonder if modo will still have that same kind of pinching in its Lightwave preview mode.


I don’t get that from anything I’ve seen. LW uses weight maps for a bunch of things, not just bones. If they are looking to bring models into other programs you might want to bring in any weighting too. They might have a way to get painted weights out of Modo and use them for soft binds in Maya. But that is just speculation.


Yap maybe you’re right on this point. BTW usually in other apps , standard subpatches are a bit slower compared to non standard Lw ones. so introducing the same kinda subpatches ( fixed from their problems like pinching and uv seams ) could be also a way to make interaction faster.Visually doesn’t mean identical of course.

In the opposite case a great algorithm with ngons and edge weighting and fast at the same time could be the case of modo. a great thing would be have the possibility to model directly in subpatch like u can do with Lw, but have n gons and edge weighting at your disposal, to cut and fix your smoothed mesh on the fly. modelling that way would be really fast and fun :slight_smile:


It sounds like you ought to give Silo a shot :wink:


[b] Will there be any cross grade pricing for existing owners of Lightwave , Maya , XSI , etc.

[/b]Because of the number of years we spent in the Lightwave community , there will be a “friends and family” upgrade price for Lightwave end users , including a special bonus for users of Lightwave 8.

Hmmm… interesting