Modo ona Mac?


has anyone been able to get Modo to work on a Mac? i just downloaded it tonight and i get a license error when i launch the app.


If you have downloaded and installed the license key and it still does not work, please contact directly and we will work with you to sort it out.



Yep, it works like a dream.

I believe the instructions said to run the temporary licence command file before you launch Modo. (The download link for the licence file was on the same page as the main Modo download).

So I get a ‘14 day trial’ message now when I launch Modo. Which I guess is how the temporary licence works until I receive my permanent licence number.



I haven’t got Modo yet, but I’m very interested to know how it does on Mac OS X. There are reason why Modo should excel on Mac OS X…

  1. First 3D app written from the ground up with the most modern OS X / G5 compilers
  2. OS X will allow more RAM to be allocated to the app than current Windows systems
  3. Luxology’s “3D OS” should mean better cross-platform plug-in support.

Some other 3D apps make the Mac users second class citizens. That should all change with Luxology. This app should make your Apple G5 workstation shine!


I got the license error, too, reinstalled, and it worked.

I’m running on a relatively slow G4 laptop (867 mhz). Modo is less responsive than LW Modeller on this platform.

Its very slick, though, and very reminiscent of LW. The surface editor; a bunch of stuff reminds me of LW. Its what should have happened to Modeller. . .a recommendation; if you’re a LW user, install with LW shortcuts-- I keep hitting “T” expecting to bring up move. . .


dose your user name on your computer match the username on the luxology site, on mine i registered as Rob Turner, but my computer is Robert Turner :frowning:


I would be really interested to know how Modo performs on a 15" powerbook with 1.5 gHz G4


modo is really having problems with OS X or these are just isolated cases?



i am thinking it has to be isolated coz it was developed on OS X


i actually got it to work by downloading the pc file and using the .lic file from that, it works now, i cant complain :smiley:


Just installed on my 17" PowerBook G4 1.5Ghz (BTO 128MB ATI card)… everything went smoothly, performance is great as well… now launching the tutorials and starting to learn.


Problems? I don’t think the license key is a major problem.


Don’t know how useful the info really is, but my robot in the wip thread was mostly built on my old 800mhz powerbook…


:: falls over while orange juice flies out of nose ::

damn you luxology people :slight_smile:

damn you for bringing it out when i have no money :slight_smile:


since I havent’ tested i I don’t know what exactly goes wrong when “license problems” appears.

PS: and I’ve heard about UV and Subd probs too, but this another story



well I have it running on a dual 1.25ghz G4 here
and it works like a charm, when I fire it up it is open in a couple of seconds
haven’t had any problems with it like crashing or performance issues or anything like that.


digones, since you’ve announced on this Mac thread that there’s all these terrible Mac problems with Modo, maybe you should tell everyone exactly what these problems are, and on what authority are you announcing them?


I don’t think there’s any need to take that attitude Beamtracer. However people should be carefull about generalising problems. The two items digones mentioned are either single user issues or have potential solutions .


I apologize for wording it too strongly. If there are problems with the Mac version I think it’s better to be specific, otherwise we don’t know whether it is really an issue or not.


That’s what I get too… I think it’s supposed to work like that. The purchase page on the Luxology site said that when they ship the actual product, they email you a serial number to get past the 14 day trial dialog.

So far, modo is running beautifully (2Ghz G5 here) and the preview speed is fast! Even more impressive is the thoughfulness put into the way tools work and their feedback. I’ve been saving a project on the back burner to learn modo with and it’s a blast. It’s very intuitive to anyone who uses Modeler… I really like that.