Modo - Luxology's 3d App revealed at Sig


Lux’s first app is a subdivision modeler called Modo. It supports sub-d n-gons, edges, has a great UV editor, has a great UI (that’s an understatement, it has the most customizable interface that I’ve ever seen ever, for instance, it can look and remap the keys to act like the other modelers out there - Lightwave, 3dsmax, Maya, XSI and it has a great morphing panel technology that keeps panels useable no matter what amount of screen space you give it), has a construction history, tools can be combined and modify each other and saved as a preset, it’s very extensible (you can even change the sub-d engine to whatever you want) the scripting language is PERL but can be changed to VB or whatever you want, I was very impressed. The program was demo’d on a Mac but Brad said that the code is 100% platform independent and that a Windows, Mac, and even maybe a Linux version will be released. The program was very complete as he physically showed each feature running, no vaporware or empty promises. They’ll probably release some more info soon so keep an eye out.


That’s it, it’s just a modeler?


They are working on other programs but he didn’t talk about what they are but they will all be based on the foundation they built with Modo.


ah ok. So the Whisper Suite is a complete package then?


Originally posted by Shade01
That’s it, it’s just a modeler?

well now all the people whinning about the lack of LW modeler development will have a modeler only option with apparent improvements…

only time will tell.:shrug:


All I know is the entire Luxology team couldn’t figure out how to add multiple undo to layout :slight_smile:


lux will be a tough competitor :smiley:


Great so the Luxology whispering marketing continues !!! :smiley:

Have you been to the sneak peek takkun ?
Anything else you can tell us, any screenshots ?
Are they teaming up with kaydara ?
Hehe, another rumour but the event was together with kaydara, and it would make sense, I mean its just another modeller !!! :rolleyes:


Originally posted by Shade01
All I know is the entire Luxology team couldn’t figure out how to add multiple undo to layout :slight_smile:
Yeah, that’s what I said a couple days ago. :slight_smile: But don’t poo-poo their efforts till you see it. Here’s a small picture that’s on the Lux site, it’s small but it gives you an idea of what a UV editing setup would look like:



Depends on whether or not Stu and Allen are still deriving income from LW. I suspect they are and if so, why would you want to flush a source of income like that down the proverbial toilet.


Yet another pointless comment.



hey robinson, yep I was there, I was also at the Newtek party, Lightwave 8 looks great too! (and for those following the new interface discussion, it seems that Newtek is going with a dark gray, non rounded box UI skin, at least for now) I think that the reason that LW 8 is mostly about animation improvements is because they knew that it would be very hard to top Modo. (I could be totally wrong about that, maybe LW 8 will support sub-d ngons and edges but I doubt it)

And yes, Lux teamed up with Kaydara. Kaydara did a very impressive demo of Motion Builder 5.


So takkun,
please post a few comments about the newtek party too !!!
We are all waiting about that in this forum, any “new” news ? :drool:


Yes, any interesting tid-bits about LW8 you care to share with us? :beer:


must not have been too impressed with lw8 to come here and post about lux with all that knowledge of lw’s new features…


I can’t believe all you can tell us about lightwave is about the color of its interface… :shame:



Okay, here’s a lightwave 8 tidbit that I thought was impressive. Let’s say that you want a bowling ball to knock over a bunch of pins. The pins can all be one object, no layers, just a single .lwo. But when you knock the bowling ball into it all the pins go flying, but the really cool thing is that each pin can be edited individually (translation and rotation) even though it’s all one object, meaning that you could tweak a simulation after the fact and this isn’t just for rigid body dynamics but also for soft body and particles too.

And for anyone that’s used motion designer before, the new version called motion drive is 10,000% less complicated and about 1,000,000% more user friendly. :slight_smile: There isn’t even a start simulation button anymore.


motion drive :love: :drool: :love:


Any price suggestions of mudo?


keep talking, must be more. what are the big suprises…


i think takkun is the new teaser from lw8 :beer: