modo is getting to expensive, please continue working on Silo


Hello Nevercenter team,

because the soon to be released modo 701 is getting to expensive (imho) for the hobbyists, etc.users it would be really nice to continue development on Silo, with (paid) updates to 3.0. I believe it’s time to do so, because sooner or later more users will need a viable modeling alternative to modo and there’s not much else out there. Hexagon seems to be dead and other modelers are not available on OSX.

Best regards


Check out Cheetah3D on the Mac. Powerful and affordable!


lol so he might as well just buy Modo. Its slot cheaper then buying a mac


Will there be any future versions of Silo3D? Is it really dead?


Silo isn’t dead as Nevercenter are still selling the product, but we sadly haven’t had an update for years.

I personally feel the current version meets all my needs, but the lack of development is worrying. I’m currently trying to switch to Blender just in case NeverCenter pulls Silo from sale, but I find it hard to adjust after using such an excellent modeller…


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