Modo from the start or did you change up from another software


What are you using Modo for and how many of you started with it as your first 3d tool.

as far as studios go I primarily see Modo being used in the concept department and 3d printing. I am curious who here is using it what for and did you start on another app and covert or how did you get started with Modo


I started with C4D then passed to 3ds max to finally go to MODO. I don’t work in the 3d industry so it won’t reveal much.


Modo didn’t exist when I started working in CG. I started with 3D Studio R4 for DOS, if any of you have ever heard of DOS, I know how old you are. :slight_smile: I moved to LW3D which was being used widely at the time, then to Softimage (happily), Maya(regretfully) and finally to Houdini, with a little 3DS Max mixed in for good measure. I got interested in Modo when the Foundry picked it up. It’s a spectacular modeling tool. I find the shader tree weird. But on the other hand, I use it mostly for modeling, especially developing geo for 3D printing. mesh fusion rocks.

N Boughen
CG Masters


I started with Maya but then got in touch with The Foundry products, starting with Nuke. When trying Modo I was impressed with the slick, well thought-out UI and the clever modelling tools (Maya is great, but a bit of a dinosaur). I mainly use Modo for VFX, physics simulations and character animation. I currently only work alone - but if I would strive to work in a studio I would for sure also dive into at least one other 3D tool as I think Modo still is sort of an outsider in VFX/Animation and mainly used in product design/visualization.