Modo Animation?


Does anyone here have experience with Modo’s Animation? preferably with the new modo: 801

How does it compare with Maya ? What is it lacking (features wise)compare to Maya.

In addition, how has your experience been doing animation in Modo in general. Do you enjoy the workflow? Is it able to produce good quality animations? What are some of the pros and cons, things you like about it, as well as things you thought was lacking?

I’ve heard that Modo is a great modeling software and a program with fantastic wokrflow/interface (especially for artists) , but still relatively young in the animation department compare to Maya which has been around for a long time. Has 801 improved Modo’s animation alot?

For someone who is interested in learning Animation, would modo be a good place to start? the software does seem more intuitive in its design, and the company seems to be always making improvements - not to mention the fact that it has a fantastic community… so there seems to be great potentials there… but does it really lack a lot of important features when it comes to Animation?

Would love to hear your thoughts on the subject - those of you who have experience with the newer editions of Modo.