Modo and Lightwave


It seems like modo is a grandchild of Lw Modeller with Ngons and really cool interactive tools … what do you guys have to say … ??:shrug:


modo is a completely seperate program. We’ve gone through and picked the workflow and toolset that we felt most easily allowed artists to create the models that they needed to. It has similar features to Lightwave, but also has features that are found in Maya, and other programs. We’ve tried to make modo as familier to anyone that uses it as possible, so that the learning curve for modo will be very gentle.

With all that said… Thanks!


When Modo’s website immediately said that it has support for ngons and edges, I immediately though that was a direct reference to lightwave’s toolset.


hehe how can that possibly be a reference to LW’s toolset?

LW has neither true edge support nor support for N-gons for Subdivision surfaces?


Actually LW was one of the first packaged with SubD’s - but only for triangles and quads. One of the biggest requests from LW community for the past several years have been drummroll edge support and ngon subdivs!


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on the subject of lightwave,

I noticed in one of the videos that modo has lightwave in one of the preference menus. I am wondering what that was a preference for?

Also do modo models import LW files and back without problems to vmaps or morphs. Also do skelegons survive an import into modo or do I need to save them to another file before I open a LW file in modo.

Another question to any modo user. can you activate morphs to see how they work at different percentages (modeler in LW only shows the full morph state and cannot only really be tested in the layout side)


Errr… LW doesn’t have SubDs (sadly). It has subpatchs. :slight_smile:

From what I’ve understood, it saves nativly in LWO format. :slight_smile:


since this is a Modo and Lightwave thread I thought I would ask a more technical question.
I have been playing around with Modo especially EW* :thumbsup: . Now My problem, I create my model with edge weights applied the open it in LW modeller and notice the EW* are gone :shrug: . Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I could transfer the EW*


EW* (edge weighting)


Just a personal thought…
I liked Lightwaves Modeller but Modo is like that modeler on steroids…
Its great such as Ive seen so far…very impressed here and I look forward to more devolopments with Luxology something Lightwave is severly lacking after 7.5.
I havent upgraded to 8 because of the hype and no-show and now it seems the animation department of Lightwave was the only thing paid attention to in version “8”.
I dont want to sound so negative as I was really happy with Lightwave until 7.5b and things seems a bit on the chaotic side ever since.


Sadly lightwave doesn’t directly support edge weighting, you can freeze your model and have the same look come across, or if you just need to get close, you can freeze your model at subd level 1 and hit shift-tab to put it into lightwave subpatches. The edges won’t be as crisp, but the overall shape will be much closer


Cool Dion. I shall give it try. :thumbsup:


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