Modo and Image Planes?


Hi everyone.

Quick question,…im not to certain about this,…but, does Modo support image planes? I have been thru the user guide, but, i have not come across if it supports image planes. I am used to Maya’s workflow as far as importing images to use as image planes, makes it easy to model from. I have used the backdrop image for front face of my head model, but, cannot figure a way to combine both front and side backdrops in same perspective view. Great, any help would be appreciated. Thanks!


yes drag and drop any image to your any view, it is going to show up, if it does not , goto your views backdrop menu and select the name from there. it is easier than maya, if it is a 3d view it will show up as perspective plane


Right,…I know about dragging and dropping,…I should elaborate on my question…What about Intersecting Image Planes? I cannot figure out how to go about making front and side image planes intersect in Pespective view. Perhaps im missing something here, please clarify.


I dont really see why you would want your image planes visible in a perspective view in the first place, once I have adjusted their position in maya I really only need orthographic views showing an image plane, helps to keep perspective view uncluttered.

Just curious



You can create physical polygon plains if the “adjust backdrop image” tool doesn’t put it exactly where you want it.

(then put the images on those poly’s as textures etc…)


Ahhhh, thank you Dion for your response,…that is the answer I was looking for. I do not know why I did not think of that, guess, I am just use to image planes setting in maya,…I have used polys image planes before in maya,…just, forgot to think of that,…Thanks again!


Hey all, I just tried the drag image plane thing, works great but if I go to a 4 view layout(mod_quad) the image plane disappears, is there a way to have it on in say the front view all the time?




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