Modify Render Settings Window?


Hey guys, I would like to add a frameLayout to the Render Settings window. Is this possible WITHOUT modifying the original mel script? Can I setParent to some layout in the actual GUI? If so does anyone know? Any help would be appreciated.

The goal of this script would be to stick it in the userSetup file, and have it modify the Render Settings window with a button to submit renders to the farm. Right now we have a modified version of the Render Settings mel script that overwrites the original, but im looking for a cleaner way to do this, if there is one. Thanks again.



so you have modified the original script to accomodate the new button right ?

you must have edited the unifiedRenderGlobalsWindow () procedure right ?

take this whole modified (with the extra button added) procedure and paste it into a new mel file and place this new mel file in a location and source this mel file in your usersetup.mel

this way, you can revert back to your original render mel script, but when maya boots, through the usersetup.mel, your custom unifiedRenderGlobalsWindow() will be fired into maya after maya starts, effectively overriding the original proc…



Ahhhh good idea! Ill give it a try, thanks for the help. :smiley:


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