Modify panel randomly refreshes at inopportune times


Im using max 2018.4, and sometimes when im working, the modify panel decides to refresh itself. It seems to happen completely randomly.

Basically what happens is that the modify panel will lose the current object, and then switch to the topmost modifier in the list. This manifests in some really annoying disruptions to my work:

If im UVing itll just suddenly close the UV editor. If im cutting on an epoly baseobject the cut tool will be interrupted and glitch out so whatever cut was being previewed on my mesh stays there but its not selectable or removable. Pretty much any time it happens so suddenly that whatever hotkey im about to press does something completely unexpected and wreaks all kinds of fun havoc on my meshes.

Does anyone know what might be happening and how I could stop it?


I had this happen a few times, and at some point the UI switched to a different layout - maybe that’s what happens in your case, too. Maybe it just doesn’t switch to a different layout every time so all you see is a flashing UI (and Max leaving subobject mode when switching, hence the reset selection).
I still don’t know which action/hotkey triggers this. I’d certainly like to know how to disable it, it’s really annoying when it happens.