Modern Medusa, Emanuel Dasilva Luz (3D)


Title: Modern Medusa
Name: Emanuel Dasilva Luz
Country: Canada
Software: 3ds max, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hey everyone this is my new portrait I made f my girlfriend as a modern Medusa.I’m submiting it for consideration into Expose book
so we’ll see hwo that goes.
Used 3dsmax,mental ray zbrush and photoshop for this one.Rendered out passes from max and comped it in photoshop


looks pretty cool.

I like your textures and lighting. imo (in my opinion), it’s a bit harsh from the top left but that’s just my personal opinion. it may be a personal preference for you however.

All the same, just to construct criticize a bit, i think some sections of her hair, i.e, some parts at the top of her hair look very flat and bit too textury (if that’s even a word :slight_smile: )

Another thing which is probably a personal thing, is, i’m not too sure about the necta-glowing design on her top, and would have been nice if her top didn’t reflect light, if i do make sense…?

all the same, looks pretty decent :slight_smile:
i’m not a pro to judge.


I followed your WIP and I saw how much work you put in details for the snakes for example. But to be honest: A lot of your work ist lost because of the light.
For my liking it is far to pale and lacking of contrast and colors. The shadows are way to hard and there are some weird artifacts on the clothes. The clothes could have some bump to… leather for example. While her face has a good pose and she sure has some charisma, the pose of the upper body is missing something. A suggestion of me for example is that she pet one of the snakes with her right hand. That would emphasize her role as modern medusa. Don´t missunderstand me! Sure you did a great job in modeling. But you could improve the whole portrait a LOT if you take yourself more time for lightning and texturing, etc.

Just my 2 cents, anyway good work!


thanks for the crits guys i will be taking notes
@koansah i wnated to make some nice hairs with splines but in max i couldnt make it so it would b optimized for rendering took forever unlike xsi
@traxx.orgi am not a super light expert i just started really studying light not to long so maybe it will take some time for me to actually get good at it hehe
learned alot on this one first time i did pass compositing with max it is great hopefully u like the next one better im mgonna do GALACTUS woot:) thanks again


wonderful work i like it the face is very cute & i like the snike with herr is very nice idea just the textures by the cloth & skin hes need more work ok

good luck


I i loved this concept of modern medusa.
Every thing is very nice.

I guess to can use better Alpha/mask for peacock feather in head.
Its having small jittering.

Rest is very good


sorry for late reply
thanks @simyevil for all the nice crits u give me
@not so creative ya i know i couldnt get rid of it for some unknow reason


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