MODERN MASTERS: Digital Anatomy Painting (Photoshop) Tutorial By Nebezial


thetrianglekid yo we aint even scratched photoshop yet:D but i like things simple
rblitz7 and more comin
rebeccak thanx rebecca:thumbsup: oy were sharing the frontpage, top of the world i tell you:D
Skurai thanx mate
NOOB! hehehe actualy i got one for my second work ever, the glory of valhalla…and i couldnt even uuse the hard edge brush hahaha
enialadam get it blender got my speed and quality up for about 60 percent
Rosewarne thankyee!
n-drew oy we aint even scratching the magic yet hehehe the good stuff is yet to come
vegabros yes i tried to create this tool as soona si foud out that painter has a blending tool… actualy in the begining i was trying to create a smoke- steam- waterfall thingie brush for my comic… it was nothing like it is now but i saw the blending effect, though it was real messy in the beginning, the rest was try this try thet and here!


You sir are a great artist :smiley:


Whoa, that blender/smudge brush is a great idea! works really well :smiley:
Nice artwork BTW, nebezial.


:thumbsup: Good Tut!:thumbsup:



Thank fou you help me a lot ,thank ur teach~:thumbsup:


this tutorial could be useful… 4 me… in the last challenge…:sad:

no matter, always is great to know things ike this…



Very helpful tuts, i must say. Looking forward to read the others your are planning and thank you for your time taken to share this. :slight_smile:


Christ… I can’t remember the last time I’ve learned so much from a CG tutorial till reading yours just now.
Can’t wait to read more, nebezial. :slight_smile:


Awesome stuff, straight to the point. Thank you so much! :bowdown:


LOVING IT!!! LOVING IT!!!:slight_smile: THANKs for sharing!!!:slight_smile:


That’s some good stuff! I’ll add this to the tutorials sticky thread. This should be in the Art Technique and Theories forum though, so can the forum leaders here move it there? Thanks.


Well the tutorial is ON TOPIC for the thread (anatomy painting) so it should stay here./



Actually, the tutorials is more about general painting, and not really about anatomy. I only asked because people are asking me why it is isn’t in the Art Techniques and Theories forum, and I don’t have an answer for them.



The forum, as you know, is called “Artistic Anatomy and Figurative Art”. Nebezial’s tutorial is about Figurative Art. As such, it belongs in this forum.

People are free to post tutorials in your forum and in this forum. I would appreciate it, however, if there weren’t constant attempts to appropriate tutorials just because they are in WIP and you feel they should be elsewhere.



Point taken, but just to let you guys know, with the way things are, it’s going to confuse some people because I’ve been getting questions about it, and that’s the only reason why I asked. But I guess the only thing I can do to ease the confusion is by adding whatever relevant threads here to the sticky thread in the Art Techniques and Theories forum. Like I said before, this is NOT about some kind of competitive “us vs. them” mentality, it’s only about organzing cgtalk so that it’ll be more steamlined and easier for people to browse. I’m not trying to offend you or Roberto, but I’m getting the feeling that both of you are offended by my attempt to help streamlining things. Just like you guys, I’m a volunteer and doing this for the community. I don’t have a solution for the overlapping focus of our two forums (other than having only one forum cater to learning, and one strictly to WIP and sketch activities), and I’m open to suggestions if you or Roberto have any.


Hey Lunatique,

I think the reason why folks are confused is because you changed the name of your forum and posted a front page call to arms ~ that’s not really my style ~ I’m not creating an us vs them mentality ~ I believe that is what is happening as a result of your posts on this subject. I thought it was decided that you would be posting links to the threads and forums on WIP ~ that is what you wrote in your own thread concerning the fact that the former Art Discussion forum needed help. So why the sudden need to appropriate Nebezial’s thread? I don’t see anyone else on this thread begging for it to be placed in the former Art Discussion Forum ~ the only person that has brought it up as an issue is you ~ so the us vs. them thing is rather artificial ~ it’s certainly not coming from me.

As you said yourself, it’s not as though people are separated by miles and by time ~ so why the sudden concern over where threads / forums are located?

Just curious :slight_smile:



Great tut neb. I see your coloring is a lot simpler then i thought! You just a have a good sense of color. :wink:


Look, cgtalk needs more experienced artists to come and help, and that’s why I asked for help. Have you actually seen the discrepancy between the excellent art posted at cgtalk and the very few number of these excellent artists actually participating in the community? I’ve been at cgtalk for years now, and that’s something that’s always troubled me, and I was just doing my part to help the community. Do you have a better idea how to approach the issue?

Because people are bugging me about it, as if I have the power to have it all sorted out. I do have a link added to this thread, but that does not stop people from asking me to move the thread. I originally asked about your Anatomy threads to be moved too because people have asked me as well, including some Forum Leaders who felt it should be moved.

Look, I’m going to stop answering to these people who are asking to have threads moved. All I’m getting out of it is you and Roberto getting offended. I’ll redirect these people to you and Roberto in the future.

Bottomline is, we are all doing this for the entire community of cgtalk. None of us gets any personal benefit out of it other than being a part of the community and helping people. My desire to have the overlapping focus of the two forums streamlined is part of that want to help. But if it’s not appreciated or it’s offending you or Roberto, then I’ll just drop it once and for all. Like I said, I’ll redirect future concerned members to you guys.


Absolute class in this thread, commendable job! Congratulations :thumbsup::buttrock:


So this is a tutorial about how light will react to anatomy , so I feel it is in the right section. But sure it may be similar to the other forum , but lets not forget that each forum is a click away , so if its a problem for someone then they would probly be to lazy to even read the tutorial :wink:
Great tutorial by the way , I am new to cgtalk and I have really been noticing your art and are working your way up to being one of my favs , keep up the great work!!!