MODERN MASTERS: Digital Anatomy Painting (Photoshop) Tutorial By Nebezial


Really found the tutorials useful, This is just what I needed. Big fan of your art too.


neb in chinese lol


Hey Warpy, I noticed you had most of his images. Is there a way that I could persuade you to post a downloadable pdf of these tutorials?


Cool stuff!


Hi, love the tutorials Nebezial. I’m really learning! I have a question, do you have tips on painting hair and realistic fur?
Doing creatures like wolves and such but I have no clue how to do them (other than painstakingly drawing each strand, lol).


wow the grayscale technique is awesome ; thanks ! :smiley:

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

I just tried it out , painted one side and pasted over to the other side. But for a quicky it looks good to me :smiley: also this my first grayscale.


holy crap why is this thread still active???

well since it is i gues there are gonna be some updates in about a month or so, as im waiting for my new lenovo tablet pc to arrive and it is so strong that it will easily handle making …FINALLY video tutorials

i will be putting a voiceover too… and even though im quite eloquent as far as my english speaking skils go, i do have this… russianish bit of an accent

ill try and figure out how to host that stuff… its problematic, because for a proper video tutorial i cant do the speed up thing so i will probably limit them to several tutorials covering different stuff

so in short feel free to post your demands so i can make a list
and keep in mind, methods i show you, ways i treat the form, color values… are not the right way, they are merely my way so never stop at one schmucks opinion, you live—you learn


brusheds are your friend, here is a link for my usual 2 brushes, i made aqlso some animal fur brushes too, i guess ill have to separate and host those too

just hit download file and have fun , ill make a compilation of generally useful brushes really soon and host that too


Hey Nebezial…:wavey: Great seeing you around again :thumbsup: …Missing that energy and creativity of yours…Always a pleasure seeing you in ACTION…:applause:

Really looking forward to the tutorials that you have in mind.:bounce:

Keep Inspired and Inspiring…ALWAYS…:thumbsup:

Take Care


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