MODERN MASTERS: Digital Anatomy Painting (Photoshop) Tutorial By Nebezial


yeah i know that but i want to have a place for people to take them whenever they want to, yknow dunno im gonna have to figure sumthin out, i still gotta show some tricks and methosds concerning some creative brush usage and paint mode usage, hopefully this saturday ill bhe able to do it, a new set of tuts, and then figure out which thread to continue, i m actually thinkin of addin a new chapter to design thread…so little time


Hmm, let me get back to my lab. Maybe I can find a way to clone you. Or send you to a hidden ninja village where you can learn the techniques of bunshin so you can create your own clones.


oh i know those, i even henge the clones into more computers and tablets…but they still suck XD:D


superb stuff nebz:wise: ,thnx for sharing.really waiting for brush tut cause thats what’l help me the most:bounce:


I tryed working in gray tones and then colorizing… but for the life of me i just cant work that way XO.

I was kind of curious… how did you came up with your technique? ive read you are self taught ^^.
Also how many pages you can work a day?


I must be doing something wrong. When I create an 8 x 8 inch document at 300 dpi in PS CS2 and attempt to use the smudge tool as these tutorials suggest, it is so sluggish as to be unusable. Can someone offer suggestions? I figured that was a reasonably small document to make, but maybe I’m wrong.

I have a Pentium 4, 3.4GHz machine with 2 gigs of RAM on WinXP. Any help is appreciated.


Shane, click on brush tip and make sure you have 'spacing 'unchecked. Thats the suggestion that helped me. Try that.


Thank you! That helped tremendously. That and I backed the Strength down a bit, too, which seemed to improve the subtlety-factor.



Yeah, I think I’ll be able to use this technique a lot. It’s nice to do roughs in grayscale, just worrying about light and form.


Make sure you uncheck the spacing option, in the main brush window.


Thank you. Yeah, Queensoul mentioned that just a few posts back. It really made it work perfectly. I think this technique is great for people like me who want to use textures a lot. And the technique also works great for the color layer, making blends between them.


yeah, I saw it just after I posted - my browser playing tricks on me!:smiley:

And yes, that blender is awesome. I was messing with this scatter setup and some custom brushes… I will post the results later heh


Right after i suffered a great deal blending a huge image with the painfully slow blender T_T
I coudnt work the blender in CS3 so i had to do it in CS2. I guess its better late than never :thumbsup:

Thanks for the tip Queensoul

BTW: unchecking the spacing on both CS2 and CS3 and its quite faster in CS3… go figure :shrug:


It’s great to have you back nebz :slight_smile: Now that you’re here I have tons to learn, and tons to pick up on :smiley:
Congratz on the job btw, and about getting married or whatever it was :S



nebz man, your a massive help for people who are wanting quality in their work and dont know how to start, LIKE ME!! have been looking at the start of this thread and here is want I’ve conjured up. KEEP IT UP MAN!


hehe, nice shot mate. any news? :beer:


excellent stuff!!
been looking for a proper blending solution for quite a bit now and this is ace!!:buttrock:
looking forward for that brush tut you were talking about and more of this stuff!!


Wonderful tutorial thread. It feels so good to actually learn something from it - you know, there are good tutorials and bad ones - this is one of the best I’ve seen :slight_smile: Thanks for sharing…I go to blend something now! :bounce:and bookmark the thread!


i just came across your thread nebezial and your tutorials rocks … thank you for sharing


Great thread- Thanks to Nebz -tutorial thread now leeched.