MODERN MASTERS: Digital Anatomy Painting (Photoshop) Tutorial By Nebezial


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Very cool Thread

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Your pic is freakin awesome. I esp. like the values and light on the belly.

The disappearing line problem. If you use a multiply layer and paint beneath it: I tend to slide down the lineart layer’s opacity to a very low value as I close in on the final round so I can still see the guidelines and judge the edges on the paint layer at the same time.

just my two cents

and again: great pose and picture - do something with it for the joy of the crowd:)


10x Mr. Mu. :smiley:

I often do that as well. The problem is - what do I replace the black lines with? Nothing gives the image the same depth and cut as them, but leaving them in isn’t my cup of tea.
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Opeth: Actually you got to blend the linework into the whole thing. I suggest you duplicate it and try to blend it in with a small blender. Just work your way inward and try to keep the dark lines on the outside. You can blend the linework on its own layer first to see how it fits … where light hits the character the outlines can be blended more.

hope that helps … ill try this myself now :smiley:


Thanks mate,
I’ll give it a shot and see what happens, being the empirical minded blowk that I am…;D

Ok, done. here’s the result:

Its certainly better than no lines at all, but still too sketchy to my liking… Did I missunderstand you? :
This is driving my nuts :\


yeah thats how i meant it. Think it looks cool …go on :smiley:


You can always change the color of your linework, too. Blending a nice dark brown might work better.


Vahn - Thanks. I’ll continue it today…
Blacker - I’ll do that too, its a good idea. Thanks :smiley:


Well, I continued a little.
Its becoming really bad :
I tried making all the shading edges more sharp, blending in the sketch lines and making them dark brown instead of black, but It’s still giving me a bad edge result.

Can anyone please help me!?


I’m not sure what you’re going for because it looks pretty spot-on to me!


Opeth, his whole left underarm is a bit off when you look at the atanomy, i think thats one of the reasons it doesnt come out as you want. Hope it helps a bit, just try to help.


Thanks man, I’m aware of some anatomy defects, but its the technique which I’m interested in improving here…


I think it looks really cool … you could try to use the brush in hard & soft light mode now with 15-30 opacity to get some more light & shadow.

Also if your unsatisfied with your edges atm ( altough i think they are pretty good now ) you could youse the burn tool with the round soft brush on low opacity on the edges.



Great tutorial…

I started drawing… and it would be great if someone could comment and assist me with some help…

dines :slight_smile:


Nebz, u have been a major contributor to this website, thanx buddy, best of luck with the new tuts, dude. It will be interesting to see what u come up with!:thumbsup: