MODERN MASTERS: Digital Anatomy Painting (Photoshop) Tutorial By Nebezial


and its miiiiiiiine allll mineee buhahaha !


Bring it on. Nebez!
Character or Creature design make it own different thread!
I tot u goin to teach us to Make Texturing??!!

Can’t wait the finest moment from the Master of Speedy Digital Artist!

less than 800pix is good actually…
Just let us click on Big thumbnail n save it will be cool.

Since u knw Cgtalk is a bit weird in loading for sometimes.


welcome back Nebz!


nuuuuu! share dammit, share!


You have my respect; I’m so bad at trying to teach I would like to have that quality,

Besides your highly developed talent you have the ability to share your techniques with others, the thing is with me is I can hardly remember how I paint something from one moment to the next I’m very fluid and every time I put pen to paper I feel I do so in a very different way, I guess In a way that’s good because all my works have a sense of uniqueness to them, yet are unmistakably mine. but I would
love to have a formula witch I could pass on, people always ask me questions and I’m like “try draw a circle” I wish I could show people how I paint like you can. Even my Life Drawing lectures in college where a little puzzled at my approach, even though they liked my finished work they never quite knew how I got there. kind of strange how I learn too I don’t read texts and tutorials as such, I look and see just the images between the texts, kind of like learning a piano song from listing too a peace of music instead of learning to play from sheets of music, so I guess I see the world, see influences in nature film and other artists works and churn out my interruption of the world. That’s me I’m weird LOL is anyone else like me, :shrug:.:slight_smile: well what I’m trying to say thanks for the images my friend.

P.S. is there a way you can record every step you take in Photoshop CS and replay it back so you can see what you done develop in a kind of time-lapse I would love to be able to see my self back. and maybe post it up so others can watch I think that would be cool.

    I love your work keep it you this is great.


I was thinking of this thread, you, “im sorry i usualy share all my stuff, i made tuts myself but this i just discovered, i need to work it out a lil, it is sort of a trick in the making, patience, i will make a tut”

Something about painting quickly or something shrug You already explain this?


umm…the blender tool is described as the first post on this thread, and there is the large scale blender also…it tends to act up at first…but after u set the preassure and uncheck spacing u can blend with reeeal huge brushes


if you uncheck spacing, and turn the opacity to 50% you can realy control it.
neb, i second you.


warpyy : how’s it going with the “uploading” of nebz tutorial?


I can host on my site if someone can send it to me?


just mad ethis today cause i was asked on an effect on the eye… i must accent the fact that this is no eyes tut…u want that go to enayla hehe but this is some 3d knowledge transported into 2 d or as i like to call it a touch of hdri


aand of course i posted the thing too large …again… rebecca is gunna kill me:blush:


WOW… just… WOW…


Gratz tutorialz Nebz!

Here is my attempt to make a Dragon Eye


Orig posted by nebz: and of course i posted the thing too large …again… rebecca is gunna kill me:blush:

:scream: Don’t think that is going to happen, nebz. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :beer:



Sweet nebz, keep em coming now :smiley:
You really need to explain how to use some brush modes, you haven’t covered them that much, you haven’t covered hair aswell.
I know you can use the fur technique but that’s not the same, I want a tutorial on how you did that curly hair on your conan image, that kind of hair :smiley:
Well, whatever you do, it’s great, I just hope you will continue to make the tutorials now.


Hey i have been trying to make my own character for the past couple of days, basically I have gotten the rough metal parts fine but when it comes to create the skin i am at a loss, I can not make her waste or arms at all any tips?


YOU ARE HELL’S TOOL!! Thank you for every word here! -i’ve red them all! :slight_smile:

can’t wate for more!!


What an outstanding thread.

Nebezial - You’re really good, and benevolent too, evidently :slight_smile:
Rebeccak - I have no idea what you’re role is here, but I love your avatar :slight_smile:

Anyway, here is a short test I did using Nebz technique.
Its a good technique, the test came out ALRIGHT:

Here’s the problem - I used the basic guidlines I drew all the way through, keeping their layer the topmost one, and when I remove the layer the image turns to sh!t and it looks like this:

Now - My question is:
How can I draw properly and shade according to my sketch if I draw OVER it? And if I don’t, but rather draw BENEATH it, how do I keep sharp lines without having to go over the entire thing a second time?

Thanks again!



Thats bloody awesome man!!!

Must go back and re read the whole thread!!!

This is deff getting bookmarked!

EDIT* If you email the pdf to me at ill host it on my site for ya man!!!

I just really wanna get that!