MODERN MASTERS: Digital Anatomy Painting (Photoshop) Tutorial By Nebezial


neb !!!

nothing here


Au79 well id say u got the blending nicely covered, as u said some work is needed on the shading, but the blending is good
warpyy yo warpmaister not baad, id cover it with a brownish tone to get that skin colour workin, but u r definitely gettin there, experiment with dark colours


neb, how about this one ?
4 basic colors, a bit of blending and some sponge saturation… coz i like bright colors


been doing more of his tutorials, i wont post any pictures but you should all know that
in my opinion if you are a newb you have few steps in reaching your goal of painting good.
each step can be self dependent but can also be depend on the others.

  1. learn how to draw lines/curves, yes those black lines that makes out a sketch, define your figure and scene. this process can be studied to infinity :slight_smile:

  2. learn how to use the grays and color in a monochromatic way, its just like neb thought us in the first few pages of this tutorial. of course this means using his blend tool is a must.

  3. learn how to use the normal brush in ‘color’ mode and in ‘hard light’ mode and in ‘linear light’ mode. this means you are actually coloring the step 2. monochromatic scene (the gray scale one). hardlight is for shadows (i like using burn also) linear light is for hilights (i also like using dodge).

  4. learn how to use 3-4 basic colors and define your figure, a limited amount of colors will give a whole range of them once you blend the scene with it, this method replaces the use of grays to define everything (Step2) and then color them using step 3.

  5. actually use your palette as a real painting material, this is a combination of the blend tool with actual paint drawing, not just a splat of color or grays and then blend. but actually picking out colors and painting with them… in my opinion this is the hardest one of all.

thanks to nebz i am have improved so much. cheers.


Hey nebezial! great tut! it is very inspirational.

but, and i wonder if this hasn’t been mentioned before,
there are people here with screen resolutions below 2000px ;),


Amazing tutorial, really cool and useful! Thankz for that! :beer:


Can anyone repost or send me the pdf of the tutorial, which posted in the first page?

beau_cg at yahoo dot com

Thank in adv.


well thanx everyone…me is just tryin my hardest to make a proper video tut…i actually made a 45 minute one for now on makin about half a picture…i have to makr the other 45 mins to finish…and then i reeally gota learn how to add tips and tricks into the tut…well anyways comin soon…some video tutsbeau_cg tutorial pdf isnt posted on the first page its just a link to bandersnatches website…on it he hosted the tut…under downloads section


you can’t imagine how much this helped me :slight_smile:

thanks a lot mate, keep it up. Can’t wait to see more of theese great tutorials :smiley:


Eh, hey Neb. I was reading on some other thread that you found a quick method of working with layers I believe, or something of the like. I think you were talking about it in regards to coloring in comic book pages quickly or something. It wasn’t your thread and someone was giving you smack for that (lol **** em, you’re a god :p), but you said you’d end up making a tutorial about it later on another thread.

Did that ever come out, possibly on another thread? If not I’d appreciate if you could elaborate? I work so slow, anything would help, thanks :smiley:


yes. Anyone with the PDF and video?


Jacob Wiberg well now im officialy working…contract with a comics company and im coloring redrawong and redesigning the comic for them and made some new lil tricks.anyways i was thinkin of makin a new thread on character design and quick drawing tips
whiteweazel layers?..hmm…i realy dont know which one ur referring to…lets keep it simple…what do u need?:smiley:
Julez4001 i heard the pdf aint operational anymore…and i dont have a website unfortunately. warpx has the trial video on apinting i made recently just for a test…i really need to learn to make proper video tuts:sad:


nebz ~

Looking forward to your new tut! :bounce:

One thing that would be cool is if the posts are no larger than 800 pix wide, if that’s okay with you. :slight_smile:

Cheers, :slight_smile:



800 pixels…hmm.ill see what i can do…abnyways if anyone needs the large ones ill just post them thru links…oh and i m gonna start a new thread character and creature design…one way of lookin at it



If it limits you too much to do things at the 800 pixel size, then don’t worry about it. :wink: I just know that for myself, it’s easier to browse when things are constrained to that size. Up to you, though. :slight_smile:




Sweet! I love your tutorials Nebezial! They help out immensely! Aside from that, your style rocks! :slight_smile: I think 800 pixels wide isn’t a big problem, you can always make the pictures longer than 600 (gotta love that screen width ratio…) Or just make it as wide as you want and rotate the canvas so it’s all sideways! (8 You might cause a lot of sore necks, but we’d still appreciate the tuts!

As for the .pdf, the last time I checked (about 3 weeks ago) it was still hosted on bandersnatch’s site. It just took a bit of looking. There was a problem in the .pdf though. Some pages were in the wrong order.

I kept hoping there would be more tutorial posts in this thread, but moving on to another thread works too! Thanks everyone!


i didnt say im done with this thread,mwahahahaha



Yeah, bear in mind that I don’t really mind what length posts are ~ use your best judgement ~ so, long images with an 800 pixel width might work well. Just suggestin’. :slight_smile:


[/b]So, in terms of titles - how about:

MODERN MASTERS: Digital Creature Design (Photoshop) Tutorial By Nebezial





One other idea ~ it might be nice to create your own Anatomy Thread of Nebezial which would not be a Tutorial, but just a place to post all of your images in one place. I would set it up such that you posted “Please do not post reply” until you finished posting all of your images ~ then removing that text. This would ensure that people could view a big chunk of your work without lots of people posting intermittent replies.

It’d be a great way for people to see your work here on the forum all together as a group. :thumbsup:

What do you think? :slight_smile:




Sure Im Ok With That…and That Way I Can Accompany It All With Some More Examples…also Warpy Has Part One Of Painting Video